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Quote of the Night: Desert Karma

You know, it's the one where the dude hits one of our dudes and then feels shame after scoring the GWG for us? That's a thing, right?

38 of our lovely community members contributed 735 witty, insightful (I'm told) comments to last night's game thread.  Lots of regulars in the list last night, but here's the top 5 Polix Posters from last night:

# Commenter # Comments

1 Americanario 130
2 fivefingers 109
3 niwotsblessing 90
4 SteveHouse 68
5 earl06 60

Canary holding down the fort as usual.  Still good to see some community regs getting in on the deal too.

Not a lot of recs handed out last night.  Must be hoarding for Turkey Day?  #1 with a bullet was easily EJ2k6's 6 recs received for posting some wisdom in the form of a great image:

I truly hope everybody takes this advice to heart for tonight's game and the upcoming holiday weekend.

Also, at least half of you lazy asses don't have work tomorrow so there is NO EXCUSE for not hanging in the game thread tonight and adding to the joy of the season.