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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL November 3rd, 2014

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Did you see a familiar face on the Ducks bench last night? Former NHL goalie had to step up as an emergency back up goalie.

The Anaheim Ducks were in a bit of a bind Sunday night when it came to their goaltending position.

Already without goalie Frederik Andersen due to some muscle tightness, the starter for Sunday night's game against the Colorado Avalanche was supposed to be John Gibson. He got hurt in warmups. That forced emergency callup Jason LaBarbera into action as the starter, but the Ducks still needed someone to back up.

Most teams have an emergency backup goalie a phone call away when they're at home, but the Ducks were on the road in Denver.

so who could they turn to? None other than the team's goaltending consultant and former NHL netminder Dwayne Roloson. Clad in a No. 79 jersey, the 45-year-old goaltender took a spot on the bench and looked a little bit shocked to be in the spot he was in.

MHH's sister site, The Cannon, had a heartbreakingly awesome article about what Nathan Horton might be facing.

On September 25th, Jarmo Kekalainen admitted to the media that Nathan Horton was going to remain out of the lineup indefinitely.

When the words "degenerative back condition" were uttered, I winced, and immediately looked over at my wife, who shook her head.

You see, she has something in common with Horton - degenerative disc disease, that has slowly eroded away the discs in her spine in much the same way. (Horton's problems have been described as primarily in his lumbar discs. She has issues with both lumbar and cervical discs.)

Much like Horton, she was told that if she performed physical therapy and strengthened her core, it would reduce the pain. (In her case, she was also told that losing some weight would help - neither of us is a professional athlete, so I'm guessing that was less of an issue in Horton's case.)

Which free agents have been good signings thus far?

But if you assess how the free agents have performed in the first three weeks of the season, the Hiller and Raymond acquisitions were two of the best value signings of the period.