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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL November 4th, 2014

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

TSN believes that Winnik is "showing good value".

The Phoenix Coyotes, as they were known then, were flying back from Colorado after their final game of the preseason in 2007 when the head coach, arguably the greatest player in NHL history, summoned two rookies for a chat. Craig Weller was 26 at the time. He was joined by 22-year-old, Daniel Winnik, the former University of New Hampshire centre unlikely to even be there as the longest of long shots, the 265th overall pick of the 2004 draft. Wayne Gretzky, then in his second last season behind the bench with Phoenix, was there to tell them both that they would be NHL players for the first time. Winnik could hardly contain his excitement. "I don’t even know how much time was left in the flight," he recalled, "but I just couldn’t wait to get off the plane and tell my parents. I woke them up at like three in the morning eastern time."

Malhotra tried to convince Bieska to wear a visor.

Kevin Bieksa considered trying to wear a visor in practice after former teammate Manny Malhotra suffered serious eye injury that threatened to end his hockey career when struck by a puck in March of 2011. He told The Province at the time he was getting pressure from his grandparents, his mother and his wife after the gruesome injury to Malhotra’s eye. Even though Malhotra stood before the team at training camp the next fall and gave an impassioned speech encouraging all of his teammates to wear one, the message didn’t get through. In the first period of Sunday’s game with Nashville, Bieksa — one of five Canucks who don’t wear a visor — had a close call when a puck bounced up and hit him in the facial area. Bieksa was helped from the ice clutching a towel to his face near his right eye and didn’t return.

Roy says that the Avs need to be more consistent.

While head coach Patrick Roy has largely kept his cool and stayed positive during the Avs’ tough start, that doesn’t mean he’s happy. "We have to find ways to play 60 minutes," he said (video). "We’re going to need more consistency, especially from our forwards. Everybody’s talking a lot about our D, but I think we have some forwards that are capable of giving a little more to the team."