Nate Guenin: Don't Hate, Celebrate!!! $20/goal donation to charity

Richard Wolowicz

Donation site: Longmont Humane Society

Add "Mile High Hockey Nate Guenin Goal to tribute section.

The list of reasons as to why we hate on Nate Guenin would probably exceed the maximum word count allotted in a fanpost. Little do we know that Nate Guenin is actually a goal scoring machine. Dating back to when he was 18yrs old playing in the USHL with the Green Bay Gamblers he snapped off a run of 3g and 3a in the 7 playoff games before heading off to play for Ohio State University in CCHA.

In every league he's played in since 2000-01, Nate Guenin has tallied 33 goals in 809 regular season games. Despite his goal scoring prowess and his game changing ability to ensure we are trapped in our own zone and surrender 12 corsi events against before a) we take a penalty, b) Roy pulls the goalie for an extra defender to help clear the defensive zone or c) the puck ends up in the back of the net even though Guenin pointed out the player most likely to score while rolling out the red carpet, he continues to battle night in and night out and possess the best posture out of anyone out on the team, which is a direct result of his excellent observation skills in watching plays develop before/as they happen is uncanny on the Avs. Nonetheless he's receives the largest amount of negative criticsm on the team.

Well today, that's about to change, I along with any other MHH followers out there solemnly pledge to donate $20 for every goal that Nate Guenin scores this season to a charity decided upon in the comments section below. If Roykic continues to dress him for whatever justifying reason instead of sitting there swearing at the TV let's embrace the few moments the puck is actually on his stick and hope his clearing attempt takes a funny hop, or catches a stanchion and finds the back of the net, thus in turn helping out someone else in greater need.

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