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New blood infiltrates Mile High Hockey

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Last month, we put a call out for writers on MHH. The response was amazing.

You may have noticed a few new names atop some articles lately. These are the folks who passed through the rigorous application process to become one of the most awesomest writing staff on the net. We had a tremendous number of people express interest, and it was hard to narrow it down. So please welcome our newest members (in no particular order), and keep the hazing to a minimum!

Casey Lucas

Casey has covered the Avalanche for Two Pad Stack, Puckrant, and various others while also covering the New Zealand and Australian Ice Hockey Leagues. An American implant in southern New Zealand, she grew up following the Avs after the team moved to Denver. The rest, as they say, is history.

What you can expect: Casey prides herself on unique, well-researched articles that you won't find anywhere else. Along with a dash of satire and the occasional (and exceptionally vocal) opinion piece.

Outside hockey, Casey's hobbies range from curling and roller derby to nature photography and German heavy metal. But let's not pretend we have time for other things during hockey season. Except maybe the metal. \m/

Ryan Lacey

Lifetime Northeastener, currently working as a sports editor for a weekly newspaper in Connecticut. I've been an Avalanche fan since a young age, mostly out of liking the baby blue Nordiques uniforms from the early 1990s. Haven't missed too many games over the past 10 years, and always am one of 5 fans in attendance when they play the Islanders or Rangers. I am one of those advanced stats worshippers. Also, my Twitter is @ryanlacey11 if anyone wants to follow for random Avs rants.

Joe Deppey

Joe Deppey is currently a junior at the University of Wyoming.  Originally from Highlands Ranch, he is in his third year working in the Intercollegiate Athletics offices in the marketing and branding department.  He was a Community Outreach and Engagement intern for The Denver Cutthroats this past summer, and plans to work in hockey after graduation (if such a day ever comes).  An eternal Avs optimist, Joe plans his summers around ticker tape parades.

Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts hails from New Orleans, where she began her love of hockey with the New Orleans Brass, the short-lived ECHL team of the late 1990s. Her adoptive NHL team has always been the Avs, and in 2011, she was lucky enough to move to Denver with her husband and daughter. Amanda works currently as an interactive marketing copywriter for well-known Louisiana brands. In her free time, she swims and watches her favorite hockey team and tennis players.

Andrew Grassey

My name is Andrew Grassey. I'm from the Boston area and have strangely been an Avalanche fan since before I can even remember. Currently, I am a 20-year-old student at Roger Williams University who loves hockey and is counting down the days until my first legal drink. On top of starting to write here, I also work as an intern at Your Sports Marketing Group in Rhode Island where we represent over 30 NHL athletes for their memorabilia and endorsements. Looking forward to starting here and getting to know everyone!

Steven Page

Steven Page is a recent college graduate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver from the Littleton area looking to expand himself as a writer of both fiction and hockey. He's been published in several literary magazines including The Metrosphere and is the proud owner of an Avalanche blog entitled Avaholics Anonymous. By some divine intervention, Steven moved to the Denver area at the tender age of four, and at the very same time as a certain NHL team that came to be known as the Colorado Avalanche. The two have been connected through heart and the written word ever since.

Grant Beery

Grant Beery is a Minneapolis based Avs fan by way of Denver. By day, he's an IT professional. By night (and weekend), he's a beer enthusiast and homebrewer. He's a jersey and uniform enthusiast with over 20 in his collection.

Mike Montgomery

Lifelong Coloradoan and Avalanche fan. Journalism major at MSU Denver, Men's League player and all-around hockey lover. In addition to hockey, Mike enjoys very loud rock music and beer.

Morgan Burrows

I was born and raised in eastern Colorado and after broadcasting high school hockey in college I moved to Las Vegas and helped with the broadcasting and media production with the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers as well as assisting the ECHL off ice officials with keeping stats and filming when needed.  I moved back to Colorado because I love it here and have been enjoying my life here as a big time hockey fan.  I'm excited to use everything in my skill set to help MHH in any way that I can.

Special Guest Star: Austin Manak (aka Cotts)

I have been a Colorado Avalanche fan since I was seven years old and the team moved to Denver. I am just finishing up my MS in Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. Aside from being a huge sports fan, I enjoy the outdoors, playing tennis, golf, and appreciating the humor in life!