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Zigazig Ha

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So this happened.  That said, I figured we in Avs land could try and have a little fun today with the upcoming game against the Toronto Mediocre Leafs (yes, I'm hiding my pain with name-calling.  What's it to you, poohead?). We've called our shots, our goals, our first PIMs before, but let's face it, we went scoreless for two games, lost Varly to a groin injury not long after and have had a pretty shit season so far, so let's try something different.

Back in the day, Ol' Sporty, Posh, Baby, Scary and VD Spice only wanted their potential lifemates to get along with and be approved by their equally vapid friends.  I don't think our bar as Colorado fans needs to be that high.  Let's start small.  We've all heard the cliche (not Marc-Andre) that small things win hockey games.  You know, I've always thought that was because pucks are small, and when you put a lot of them in the net, you tend to win, but I could be high on Sharpie fumes.  Anyway...

What are some obtainable goals for the Avs in tonight's game?  What are some small things that you can root for that would help get the Avalanche coming down the mountain that the Butthole Surfers promised us?  And don't give me the "Guenin is scratched" or "Cliche gets locked in his apartment" sarcasm and snark stuff.  Real little things that will have an impact on how the Avs play hockey tonight.

I'll start with this one: I want Matt Duchene to smile at some point after the puck drops.