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Former Av Daniel Winnik Injured Against His Old Team

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Daniel Winnik, former Avalanche player and current Toronto Maple Leaf, took an awkward fall in today's game against his former team.

Doug Pensinger

The opening minutes of tonight's game between the Avs and the Toronto Maple Leafs were fast-paced and crazy, with Nick Holden scoring for the Avs at 31 seconds in.

Unfortunately, the momentum in Pepsi Center came to a complete standstill shortly thereafter as former Av Daniel Winnik suffered a nasty fall.

Winnik took a hit from Jan Hejda, then fell backwards awkwardly as his skates got tangled up with Hejda's. He hit his head on the ice and lay completely still until the team doctors took the ice to assist him. Medical staff responded quickly to the incident and stretchered Winnik off the ice, after which the silent Pepsi Center erupted in cheers of support.

You can view a gif of the hit here, though we are not embedding it due to the disturbing nature of the content.

Reports from Pepsi Center say that Winnik was conscious, alert, and speaking to the team doctors.

Winnik played two seasons for the Avalanche in 2010-11 and 2011-12, when he was traded near the deadline to the San Jose Sharks in the trade that brought Jamie McGinn to the team. Despite his short tenure he was a fan favourite when on the roster and the team at MHH wish him well.

Jan Hejda did not receive a penalty for the hit, which looked on our end like nothing more than unfortunate accident.

Edit 7:55 Mountain Time: As of first intermission, reports are coming in that Winnik is already up and walking around. Let's hear it for Danny Dubz!