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From the Monsters Desk: Week 5 - Comets with a C

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After a quick roadie in Rockford, the beloved Monsters [4-4-2] return home for a Friday night match against the Utica Comets [8-1-2].


- Ben Street was put on waivers yesterday to officially join the Monsters roster after missing the season to date with UBI. Very likely we see him in action tonight.

- Tomas Vincour has been skating for a while and could be ready to come off the injured list soon

- With Brad Stuart out for a couple of weeks and Ryan Wilson still out from a shoulder mishap, the Avs only have 6 healthy defensemen right now. They aren't in a hurry to call anyone up but the possibility definitely exists. I wouldn't be surprised if someone gets called after tonight's game to join the Avs in Philly on Saturday.

Recap: LEM at Rockford

The Monsters headed into Rockford Tuesday with a little confidence coming off a double win against Texas last weekend. Both games they had scored 2 goals early and held on for the 2 points. This game started much the same with Stefan Elliott and Colin Smith scoring early and a 2-0 lead after 1. Rockford got a PPG early in the 2nd but the Monsters got it right back with another Colin Smith goal then Elliott followed with his 2nd of the night. 4-1 after 2.

The wheels started coming off early in the 3rd with another RFD goal 2 minutes in. The Hogs proceeded to score 2 more to tie the game and outshoot LEM 19-7. Late in OT, the dagger went to the heart and the Monsters left town with a very disheartening point from a 5-4 loss. Young team mistakes and all that, but this one hurt a bunch.

Sure, Picks could have been better, there were a couple softies in there, but the 3rd period was a damn shooting gallery and the winning goal was on a breakaway at the end of a very long game. The Monsters can't hang him out like that and expect to win.

The Good

Colin Smith with 2G/1A

Elliott with 2G

Noreau & Carey with 2A each

Pickard with 41 saves

4/4 on the PP

The Bad

Blown 3-goal lead in the 3rd, turdle

46 shots against including 21 in the 3rd/OT, outshot by 20 total


Utica is tops in the North division and the only team in the WC with only one loss so far, mainly on the strength of Jacob Markstrom's unbelievable start. He's 5-0-1 with 4 shutouts, a .968 Sv% and 0.82 GAA. Ouch, this is a toughie.

While Picks doesn't have Markstrom's numbers he's still one of the tops in the league, leading in shots faced, saves and minutes played so far with a .925 Sv% and 2.50 GAA.

No practice intel this week and with Ben Street coming off the injury list we'll have a few changes in the lines and D-pairs. Bruno Gervais rejoined the squad in Rockford and LEM played 7 D, I have no idea who sits now but I have a feeling I'm not going to be happy about it. Garrett Meurs looks to be the odd man out at forward.

10 games into the season, Colin Smith (3G/6A) and Stefan Elliott (4G/5A) now lead the team in points with 9, Sgarbossa (8A) and Paul Carey (3G/5A) are close behind. Elliott leads the team in goals with 4. Aggz (23), Schumi (21) and Elliot (19) lead in SOG.


Tonight vs Utica 7:30pm in the ET, radio on WKNR




Preview from LEM

Next up

Wednesday at Grand Rapids then two games at home against Adirondack on the weekend.

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Updates shall be both here and on twitter, join in the fun tonight. Enjoy!