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GDT: Avalanche vs Jets 12/11/2014, Game 29

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the J-E-T-S of Winnipeg tonight at the Pepsi Center. Game time is 9:00pm in the ET, 7:00pm lima and can be seen on Altitude and GCL with Moser's call available from the Avs site.

A small bit of promising news on the injury front today, Dennis Everberg was taken off injured reserve and is a possibility to play tonight. Smooth Johnny Mitchell was put on IR retroactive to 11/29 to compensate so he's eligible to come off at any time. Jamie McGinn's back surgery went well yesterday but he is doubtful to return this season. I'm going on the assumption Everberg won't play, if he does it will mix the lineup up considerably.

Projectile lineup


ROR - Dutch - Tangs

Landy - Mack - Iggy

Cody - Max - Danny B

Carey - Rendulic


Big Jan - EJ

Guenin - Barrie

Holden - Redmond





Scratched: Varly (ouchie), Everberg (d2d)

Injured: Mitchell, Street, Stuart, Bordy, Winch, McGinn, Wilson