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Quote of the Night: French Fuckery

So we got another L hung on us last night, with a little help from our zebra friends.

Here's the rundown from last night's game against the people of Canada.  642 comments for 36 unique, one-of-a-kind commenters.  Last night's top 5 Pleonastic Personalities were:

# Commenter # Comments

1 Americanario 106
2 fivefingers 92
3 ProfessorOak 58
4 SteveHouse 53
5 Cole D Hamilton 53

Lots of familiar peoples, but Le Professor makes an appearance.  Another night where you guys didn't hand out many recs.  Got a bunch of grinches in the house this year...

Still, top honors went to Cole D Hamilton for stealing the best tweet of the night:

It's funny because it's painful.