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Quote of the Night: detroit Shootout

Whereas those who have long proclaimed the season over continue to participate in the nightly masochism.

The Boys went down to Georgia detroit and Calvin "Who Needs Hobbes" Pickard did yeoman's work and outlasted his AHL counterpart to win a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep shootout. Participating in last night's skillz-that-pay-the-billz competition were 30 of the most diehard vans dropping 530 nuggets of wisdom on us all.  Here's you list of Bombastic Ballerz:

# Commenter # Comments
1 fivefingers 91
2 Hopfenkopf 63
3 Americanario 61
4 SteveHouse 48
5 Chanta 46

Top of what I'm sure is many lists this holiday season is fivefingers' 91 comments, closely followed by Hopfenkopf and Americanario.

Props for letting his hard drive do the talking goes to Canary with the top two Rec-generating posts of the night:

Pikard gif

10 Recs on that one with 8 on the following:

Pickard Shimmy

Neither of which represented saves from said detroit shootout.  You guys are just new media junkies, admit it.  LOOK MOVING PICTURES, MA!!!

Sadly, #3 on the list of rec'd posts was AJ having to admonish people to not beat their wives while #4 was the government mandated "Fuck the red wings" statement that didn't even get blue'd (and it was like the 5th post in the thread?!?!?!).  The holiday malaise surely to blame on that one.