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Butcher gets top honors for Team USA in win over Finland

Team USA takes its first game of WJC tourney on the back of Avs prospect.

He didn't get a goal. He didn't get an assist. But he deserved every bit of that Player of the Game nod today. Avs prospect WIll Butcher was an integral part of the win today by Team USA over Finland at the World Junior Championship game. His strong defensive play was capped off by a game-saving, last-second blocked shot in regulation. Chase De Leo secured the win for the Americans in the shoot out.

Butcher was a highlight of the game in other ways, too. He was featured in interviews during both intermissions and a primary target of in-game praise by the announcers. Avalanche fans should be excited about what we've got in the 5th round pick from the 2013 draft. Going beyond his characteristic offensive play, Butcher's work in his own end has improved exponentially since hitting the DU Pioneers' ice as a freshman last season.