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Quote of the Night: For Completeness' Sake

Where our game thread resembles the output of the Avs last night.

Well, not much to say here as evidenced by the 385 comments from only 29 MHH members last night.  Maybe everybody was sleeping off the eggnog-induced mistakes made at the office parties?  Shopping for cheap champagne?  Starting on their New Year's Resolutions list early?  Regardless, some of you stuck around for the entirety of that turd log of a game.  Here's the rundown of Gabby Gasbags:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Americanario 73
2 niwotsblessing 70
3 fivefingers 42
4 earl06 41
5 Chanta 38

As usual, Americanario playing well with others, particularly niwotsblessing.  Should I count Canary in these things?  If we had a year-end trophy for this kind of thing we've have to name it after him at this point.

Andi D. managed to make one of her 13 comments count with the Quote of the posting an image that had little-to-nothing to do with the game, but it was good for a laugh and 6 recs:

2nd-best from last night Not our best effort, but the Avalanche didn't give us much to work with last night, especially after the first period.  Should I do these for blowout, shit-the-bed losses or just stick to the fun games?