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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL December 31st, 2014

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The sporting world lost some Greats this year. []

Don Cherry admits to making a death threat. []

Chris Stewart doesn't mind the rumors, or being benched? []

Expect the Winter Classic to not start on time. []

The Dallas Stars Jumbotron peeps were at it again. The victims were the Rangers. []

A judge dismissed the NFL concussion lawsuit, this can't bode well for the NHL players attempting to sue the NHL.  [TSN,ca]

Dany Heatley has hit the waiver wire. []

Wondering why the World Junior Championship has so many empty seats? Ticket prices are probably to blame - some are over $300 a pop. []

The KHL All Stars feature a player most Avs fans will remember: Wojtek Wolski. []

I wish you all a fantabulous night. Stay safe. I hope 2015 is your best year yet!