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The Waiver Wire: Marty Is Back!

This week, Ovechkin struggles, Doughty puts up big minutes but disappoints and we have the return of Fat Marty!

Marty practices his pregame karate.
Marty practices his pregame karate.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another week of The Waiver Wire!  This week, Ovechkin struggles,  Doughty puts up big minutes but disappoints and we have the return of Fat Marty!   So let's take a look at our disappointments, pleasant surprises and my Shot in the Dark player of the week.

The Disappointments

Alexander Ovechkin - WAS - LW, RW - 100% owned

Alexander Ovechkin is one of the elite players in this league.  In most fantasy leagues, he is usually a top 3 pick (and if he isn't, then you have quite an odd league).  In more advanced leagues, he may even be the number one pick because of the amount of hits he accumulates.  This past week wasn't his week at all, putting up 0-0-0 while being +1.  He managed to have 7 hits, but even for OV that seems average to low.  One big issue, was that in those three games, he only had 5 shots.  I bet you anything, his coach is telling him he needs to shoot more.  If you own OV, you're most likely not going to trade him, and in leagues with a can't cut list, you won't be able to drop him.  He'll pick up his point totals soon enough.

Nathan MacKinnon - COL - C, RW - 95% owned

If you listened to the latest podcast, you heard AJ talk about MacKinnon's struggles this year.  He's seeing bigger competition and being asked to be a 200 foot forward.  That's a hard thing to learn as a 19 year old and it is showing on the fantasy sheet as well.  This past week was especially brutal for MacK.  In the past three games, he put up 0 points, and was -6.  Other than that, he had 2 hits.  Man that's bad.  The hard part is benching him, knowing he can go off on any night and put up a couple goals and assists.  His streak will come, but it may come in the second half of the season (watch him score on against Nashville).  He's another asset that you can't drop, and just need to be patient with.

Drew Doughty - LA - D - 99% owned

Third on this list is Drew Doughty.  Drew Doughty is a perennial Norris Trophy contender.  He plays all 200 feet of the ice well.  This past week, he put up some big minutes, but came away with nothing on the offensive side.  In three games, he averaged 27:14, but was 0-0-0 on the score sheet and was even in the plus minus department.  It could have been worse, but really, it was like he was a ghost, and that's not the type of play you expect from Doughty.  This week he's got games against Buffalo, Ottawa and Montreal.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him get points in those first two games.

The Pleasant Surprises

Mika Zibanejad - OTT - C, RW - 5% owned

I have a well documented love for awesome, foreign names (looking at you, Zemgus and you Ristolainen).  Mika Zibanejad is another one to add to that list and boy, he had a hell of a week last week.  Mika had the fantasy fortune of playing four games, but he had points in all four with the most recent, being 2 goals and 2 assists against Vancouver.  Over the span of all four games, he put up 4-3-7 and was +3.  He also had 5 hits and 2 blocks, which is nothing special but never hurts your team.  He could be worth an add if you need some depth.  He currently has 13 points in 25 games, but it may have finally "clicked" for him.  At the very least, keep an eye out, and if you need to, snag him up before someone else does.

Tomas Tatar - DET - LW - 47% owned

I feel like the last time I talked about Tomas Tatar, he wasn't owned as much.  Fantasy owners are starting to catch on.  Those of you that follow me on twitter, saw me in complete dismay as I was going to lose to the winless team in my league.  I have both starting goaltenders injured, and am scraping for every point.  I was so desperate I used two adds of players that were playing on Sunday as a Hail Mary in hopes that I could get a few more points.  One was Devante Smith-Pelly, who got me a few hits and blocks, and the other was my savior, Tomas Tatar.  I pick him up and BOOM! 2 goals against Carolina and I win my week.  But that wasn't his only good game that week.  In four games, he put up 3-3-6 and was +4.  He's hit his offensive stride, and is currently playing Datsyuk, which never hurts.

Aaron Ekblad - FLA - D - 46%

"But Professor!  That's cheating!  The NHL chose him for some star of the week thing or something!!"  Tough.  For the week that rookie Aaron Ekblad had, he deserves as much recognition as he can get.  Ekblad arguably had the best offensive week of ALL defensemen last week putting up 2-4-6 and was a whopping +6.  WHAT?!  On Florida?  Wow.  Super props to him.  For those of you that have been super patient with Ekblad, it has finally started to pay off some huge dividends.  He won't keep this play up, and if he does, Bobby Orr better watch out, but I do expect to see him continue to improve.  If you are in a keeper league, he may be worth a keep for the next 15 or so years.

Shot in the Dark

Martin Brodeur - STL - G - 34% owned

Fat Marty is back!!!  Normally my shot in the dark is a player who is below 5% owned, but 34% is essentially the goalie equivalent to that.  That and well, Marty really is a shot in the dark.  With Brian Elliott injured, and supposedly may be out for a month or two (thanks for the specificity, Hitchcock) and Jake Allen failing to impress, Brodeur seems to be getting the majority of the starts.  You won't see me argue that Brodeur is good.  You won't see me argue against the fact that he single-handedly cost New Jersey a playoff spot last year.  But most leagues have minimal goalie starts and let's be real: He's on a team that will win.  By the way, he is currently pitching a shut out against Florida as we speak and as AJ would say, I ain't afraid of no ghosts (time stamp, it is currently the middle of the second period) (time stamp number two, Bjugstad just went to snipe city with 4 minutes left in the second).  If you are in need of some goalie help.  I've already taken a shot on him, and it has paid off for me.

Well folks, that about wraps it up.  What fantasy players are frustrating you?  Who is saving your team?  Who do you have an eye on?  Let me know what you want to see next week on The Waiver Wire.