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Game 28 Recap: Avs can't beat Rinne. Fall 3-0.

The Avs played well, but couldn't beat Rinne as bounces kept going the wrong way.

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Game 28 Recap: Lake Erie Monsters vs. Nashville Predators

This is going to be a boring recap because I refuse to put in effort if the Avs won’t. When they do, I will. Deal Avalanche? Deal.

Then let’s get boring ass, eventual defeat show on the road.

Period 1:

The Avs first shift actually saw a nice play with Johnson pinching in down low, but Rinne was there.

Well, that was quick. After a wonky bounce out in the Nashville zone, Forsberg was able to be sprung on a breakaway. Barrie was chasing him down, but Forsberg make a nice toe drag and put it above Pickard. 1-0 Predators.

After some consistent pressure from Nashville, MacKinnon’s line came flying out and got a good shot that yielded a rebound. Eventually Barrie’s shot was smothered.


With just about 11 minutes left, McLeod took a stupid elbowing penalty.

PK1: Nashville was able to get some zone time, but the nicest play came form Landeskog who stole the puck in neutral zone and powered his way around Weber to get a shot on Rinne.

TANGENT 2: Man, do the Avs looked frustrated. You can see the look of annoyance.

Then Tanguay took a penalty.

PK 2: Nashville was able to get a few shots; again the Avs PK had a great system of pressure/no pressure. 

As Tanguay came out of the box and went back into the zone, Talbot blocked a shot form the point and looked like he might be off to the races. However, the Nashville defender needed to interfere with him. Yay for "power" plays.

PP1: The Avs had good possession and saw them circling a lot. Eventually they found an opening and MacKinnon tried to feed Redmond far slot, but Rinne grabbed it. Bastard. PP over.

The Avs got a good chance with 25 seconds left, but again Rinne and the Nashville collapsing defense was there.

Period over.

Systems Summary: I am not really sure how to analyze it.  The Avs battled pretty well, but Nashville I think was able to get their game flow going better.  I am no expert, but something looks off with the Avs offense.  I do like what I see for the zone defensive system, but the combination of MacKinnon, Duchene, Landeskog, and O’Reilly not playing their best this season; there just isn’t anyone to rely on right now.  That will of course change, but this is a learning experience for the Avs.

Period 2:

Duchene’s line came out with some nice speed and O’Reilly made a concerted effort to create rebounds, but the Avs couldn’t get to it.

After some nice some shifts by Duchene and MacKinnon, the Talbot line came out and Talbot fed Rendulic in the slot but he rang it off the pipe. Close for the kid.

The following shift saw another face off win for the Avs and as the puck was sent low, the Predator defender knocked it over the glass so there was delay of game call.

PP2: This Duchene power play unit needs to lose Barrie. He’s become a liability.

And PP over. Avs were called for a too many men call because Barrie was being lazy.

4v4: MacKinnon almost had two breaks the pucks are not bouncing his way.

PK3: Nothing at all. Avs PK was working well.

The Nashville unit kept it going and had a brilliant shift in the Avs zone. Duchene finally won the puck and barely iced it. So Roy used his time out.

The Avs finally got a change and sprung Landeskog on a 1-on-1. That was soon a 2-on-1 and MacKinnon warped up the ice. Landeskog made a nice move to feed MacKinnon, but Weber just got back to knock it away.

With just about 10 to go, Nashville came out with another nice shift.

After a few shifts back and forth, Tanguay took a bizarre penalty. He perhaps made the most obvious penalty of all time by gently bear hugging the Nashville defender from behind, but not pulling him down – just nestling him a few seconds. 2 minutes for spooning.

PK4: Nashville really didn’t have any good chances. All their rushes ended quickly in clears.

The Avs sent out the MacKinnon line and they absolutely dominated the Predators. After some beautiful passing, Landeskog was fed wide open in front but somehow hit the post. Mother. fucker.

After a dump in into the Avs zone, Iginla took a double minor for high sticking. Unlucky call.

PK5: Only about 20 second and it was over.

Systems Update: Good.  Honestly, they looked like the Avs of last year.  They still get a bit caught on transition but the Avs looked really good once they got into the zone.

Period 3:

PK 5 (cont.): Over

PK6: And after one scary Weber shot, it was over. Both killed.

The Barrie-Guenin pairing then decided to get too fancy again and gave the puck up. The Predators were able to get shots off of it, but fortunately the mistake was consequence free.

The MacKinnon line then came out flying (trend going huh?) and pull up short on the far side. As he spun, there was no one open and ended up losing the puck. He needs to learn how to use that.

After a stupid turnover by Redmond, Jones’ long range shot was caught easily by Pickard.

Oh look, Landeskog was held but there was no call.

The following shift saw Nashville come out on what was seemingly an easy 3-on-3. But Jones snuck down low and was fed past Guenin. Thankfully, Pickard was there to stop the shot.

After a win in the Nashville zone, the Avs scrambled in front of Rinne and hit two posts. Just got to keep working.

After 4 or 5 great shifts the Avs just couldn’t get anything past Rinne. As expected, a bad pinch led to Nashville getting offensive zone time. You could tell bad things were about to happen. A shot from the point got through and the Predators got to the rebound to put the puck past Picka…..wait a minute. Nevermind. Pickard made the save of his life to rob the Predators.

The Duchene line then came out to get full-on pressure going. Tanguay was fed wide open in front, but his shot was blocked. Nashville responded right away with another break by Jankarok or some strange toy name. Pickard was there.

2 minutes left and we all know what time it was. Pickard sprinted off just as the Avs dump in was blocked, sent to Bourque, and in the net. 2-0 Predators.

1:39 left and Pickard was back on the bench. After the Avs won the faceoff but eventually MacKinnon’s shot went wide, the Predators were able to win the battle, and get another empty net goal. 3-0.

Systems Update: The Avs actually played a pretty good game. The outcome was, in no way, reflective of the game but such is the season this year. At least so far.

Game over.

Three Whores:

Third Whore: Johnson.

Second Whore: MacKinnon.

First Whore: Pickard.

Next up. St. Louis on Thursday.