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Quote of the Night: Buffalo Curbstomp Edition

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Whew. They nearly broke the goal horn.

Doug Pensinger

Back in the commenting saddle with a nice Olympic sendoff for the hometown crowd as the Avs lay a curbstomping on the Sabres. Here's how that shit went down in the GDT today:

Rank Member # of Comments
1 Pyotroll09 146
2 FrostyBear21 106
3 fivefingers 92
4 SteveHouse 82
5 Cole D Hamilton 71

Top greenery (we're still working on the rec colors, trust us...) was again none of the above as faydout went back to the well of goodness that is our beloved coach. During his post-game interview, Naydin MacKinnon mentioned something about a chalice of some kind. He immediately regretted it as no doubt this image flashed through his head:


For my money though, the party in the GDT was best summed up thusly: