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Whose Line is it Monday?

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What do you mean the Avs don't play for 2 weeks? Well, that doesn't mean we can't make fun of them and the rest of the league right?

Hannah Foslien

Welcome back to Whose Line is it Monday where everything is made up and the recs don't matter.  Back by popular demand we'll make this a weekly feature at MHH.

If any of you are regulars at reddit's r/hockey then you likely already know how this works, as for the rest of you: enjoy. The only change is that I'll propose a weekly "Hoedown" for you all to answer.  If you don't know how the hoedowns works, here's an excellent compilation from the masters themselves and an awesome Avalanche hoedown written by our own SteveHouse.  I'll propose the hoedown theme and anyone can start it off, keep your hoedown verses in one thread and the verse with the most recs wins!

The Rules:

  • New comments should sketch scenario, like: Things bigger than Bryzgalov's five-hole
  • People reply to the prompt with things like: the universe, Brad Marchand's nose, or Jamie McGinn
  • Sketches should be in the form of a statement, not a question
  • Be liberal with your recs, the comments with the most green will be featured at the top of next week's page.
  • The first hoedown comment will be the official hoedown thread, if you have another verse to contribute then reply to the original or one of its children.  Verse with the most recs wins!
Last Week's Contestants:
# Member Comments
1 Drakenlot 28
2 Andy_Joe 21
2 Linkhogthrob 21
4 wflan 18
5 Bob in Boulder 13

Last Week's Winners:

Moments that are less embarrassing than last night

public static final boolean isDucheneGreatestEver = true;

And the week's best hoedown goes to.......

Some good stuff so far, but it was Drakenlot who won the day:

MHH regulars who are actually members of the Avalanche

Lead Investigator, Steve House Intelligence Team

Poor Dario, if you love someone you have to set them free.

This Weeks Hoedown:  Give us a verse about what some of the Avs non-Olympians will do over the break (e.g. McGinn: Eat, O'Reilly: Duckface selfies, etc.)