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Ballers & Shotcallers: Olympic edition

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in which the Mile High Hockey commentariat compete for dubious prizes!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

OLYMPIC HOCKEY STARTS TONIGHT/TOMORROW AND I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF so all the excitement feels are being channeled right here. The first daily preview thread will go up tonight, but before that, let's all act like we've watched the replay and get our crystal ball on.

We'll split this one up into different categories and I'll close the voting when the first (live) game starts. You get a point for each correct prediction, meaning yes, some questions arbitrarily give you multiple points. Winners from each category, and whoever has the most correct answers overall, will receive fabulous prizes* for their fabulous mental acuity.

Also, while I have your attention, a reminder that the USA - Canada women's prelim is at 7:30am Eastern, and I can think of at least one group who won't be watching: al-Qaeda. So plan your sleep accordingly. Don't make me report you to the NSA.

Final Ranks

  • Name the gold-medal game teams.
  • Who wins gold?
  • Name the bronze-medal game teams.
  • Who wins bronze?
  • Where do the US and Canada finish?
  • Who wins the women's tournament?

(If you put something different from your gold/bronze answers in that US/Canada one you automatically get it wrong and I will hunt you down and punch you in the thigh. Maybe not immediately. But someday. I will not forget. Don't test me.)

Team Scoring

  • Which team scores the most goals?
  • Which team scores the fewest?
  • Which team gives up the fewest?
  • Which team gives up the most?


  • Who will lead the men's tournament in points?
  • Who will lead the men's tournament in goals?
  • Who will lead the USA in points?
  • Who will lead the USA in goals?
  • Who will lead Canada in points?
  • Who will lead Canada in goals?
  • Which goalie will have the highest save percentage?


  • From which team will the Tournament MVP be? (Tiebreaker: Who is it?)
  • The IOC names an All-star team which consists of 6 players: usually a forward line, a defense pair, and a goalie, but they have named 2 G and 1 D before (1998, Hasek & Roy). Who will that all star team be? Every name you get correct counts as a point toward the Awards category.

*Minimum value of prize not guaranteed. Void where prohibited. Prices and participation may vary. Prizes are not to be disseminated or reproduced without the written consent of Major League Baseball.