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Olympic Hockey LIVE Thread Feb 12: Men's Action Begins, USA-Canada women's

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Today's live and tape-delay Olympic hockey schedule. Beware of the comments, for here be spoilers.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

WARNING: This is the LIVE thread for today's games. If you're looking for tape-delay TV listings only, you will find them here, however reading the comments is strongly discouraged because spoilers.

Hello and welcome to Mile High Sochi! Two games on the men's plate today, and the first women's game between the US and Canada.

All times are listed in US Eastern.

Game of the Day: USA v. Canada, women's prelims - Group A

LIVE: 7:30am, NBC-Sports, CBC
TAPE DELAY: 5:30pm, NBC-Sports

The women's tournament is a little bit different this year in an effort to fight the lack of parity: Group A's top two teams advance directly to the semifinals. The USA and Canada are in Group A.


Today/Tonight/This morning marks the first of probably-two meetings between these teams at the Games. Both teams are undefeated. The US technically leads the group due to a higher goal differential but as one of these teams will be 3-0 and the other 2-1, that won't matter. Winner gets the 1-seed in the semis and loser gets the 2-seed. They should meet again in the gold medal game next weekend but why miss out on US-Canada hockey? Because you hate freedom is the only reason I can come up with.

Americans, names you're watching for include the Lamoureux sisters (Monique-2G, Jocelyne-2A), Hillary Knight (2G 2A), Kendall Coyne (2G 1A) and Amanda Kessel (1G 2A), whose brother is interestingly also a hockey player. No word on whether there's hilarious buddyism between Amanda Kessel and Megan Bozek.

Canadians have no names to watch for because Canada is the worst.

Czech Republic v. Sweden, men's prelims - Group C

LIVE: 12:00 noon, USA Network, Sportsnet 1
No tape delay broadcast

Okay Canadians. I admit it. I don't know what a Sportsnet 1 is.

This is a pretty interesting game by my eye as the Czechs are actually not expected to start Pavelec in goal after all, but, he's their only NHL tier goalie. Ya boy Gabriel Landeskog and Tre Kronor are expected to sweep their group, of course, and the Czech Republic should be their biggest hurdle on the way. We'll see I guess. Sweden are a bit of an old and banged-up group though, despite how strong the roster looks at first glance.

Switzerland v. Latvia, men's prelims - Group C

LIVE: 12:00 noon, MSNBC, I can't tell that this will be televised in Canada
No tape delay broadcast

Sandis Ozolinsh and the rest of his bottom-dwelling Definitely Not Dynamo Riga Olympic team take on the never-great, always-dangerous Swiss, who should probably roll in this one.

Switzerland v. Finland, women's prelims - Group A

LIVE: 2:00am, MSNBC, TSN 2

Can't sleep? Go watch curling or women's downhill. It will probably be more interesting than this one. I'd choose this over nordic combined though, personally.