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SPOILER FREE: Olympic Hockey TAPE DELAY Thread: Feb 16


Streeter Lecka

WARNING: This is the TAPE DELAY thread for today's games. If you're here to talk about games that already happened, please move to the live or recap threads.

All times are listed in US Eastern.

REPLAY: USA v. Russia, men's prelims - Group A

This is yesterday's absolute corker that you should totally watch. It's being rebroadcasted today at 4:30pm on NBC Sports. I have no explanation for this; it's just what they decided to do. Take advantage. Just make sure to brush up on your IIHF rules regarding net dislodgement if you haven't seen the game yet, uh, because why not? It might be different from the NHL's and you want to be prepared in case there is a quiz.

United States (1-1-0-0) v. Slovenia (1-0-0-1), men's prelims - Group A

LIVE: 7:30 am, NBC Sports, TSN
TAPE DELAY: 3:00 pm, NBC Sports

Slovenia surprised Slovakia yesterday with a big win that nobody in North America watched because it happened in the middle of the night. I was up because reasons, and what I saw was a team effort from a bunch of excellent, quick skaters, slowly frustrating and eventually dismantling a Slovakian side that has fallen into disarray. That matches up with America's quickness for some fun action to watch but it's hard to predict the upset unless you're counting on some serious post-thriller hangover on the part of Team USA.

Meanwhile the Americans beat Russia yesterday in a game that I really want to find a sarcastic joke about but I just can't. It was too great to watch. Haven't seen any news either way, but with this being a back to back you have to think Ryan Miller gets the nod in goal. The US will have a day or two off before they play again, depending, but Miller is solid and Jonathan Quick could do with the rest.

Game of the Day: Canada (2-0-0-0) v. Finland (2-0-0-0), men's prelims - Group B

LIVE: 12:00 noon, USA Network, CBC
TAPE DELAY: 7:30pm, TSN 2

The last game of the prelims will finally decide who gets the byes into the quarter final. Winner of this game gets one. The loser probably needs to take the game into overtime to get one for themselves, and even then needs some help from Slovakia to keep Russia's goal differential down.

Both teams have used two great goaltenders, and neither have announced who will start today. Either way it should be a good battle between Robarey Priongo and Tuukri Lehtonask. We probably shouldn't expect to see Mike Smith or Antti Niemi. Canada have the wonderful problem of too many forwards and will have to answer the question of who gets scratched. Finland are wondering which forwards are still healthy as Aleksander Barkov was the latest to go down to injury.