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Olympic Hockey GDT: Men's Quarterfinals

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Lose and you're out. Everybody is in action today. No more weak stuff.

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Oh no wonder the officiating is crap. They aren't even on the ice!
Oh no wonder the officiating is crap. They aren't even on the ice!
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

All times, as always, US Eastern. Personally you guys I'm pretty gutted by this schedule. Can't watch fuck all. Today's winners move on to the semi final round and are guaranteed a berth in the medal games. So this is kind of a big day or something and at least one of the Big 5 is going home early.

1. Sweden v. 8. Slovenia

The tournament so far: Slovenia finished third in Group A behind the US and Russia, defeating the Slovaks along the way. They took Austria down yesterday on the way to the quarterfinals, in this their first Olympics ever. Yay underdogs, Yay the growth of hockey, Yay English speakers continuing to have to pronounce central European names!

Sweden benefited from doubtlessly the ezest group: their stiffest competition in Group C was a Czech Republic squad that is in shambles, that or a Swiss side that couldn't score to save their lives. As injured as they are I'm not convinced they're even a known quantity at this point, after the knockout rounds. As the winner of Group C they had a bye to the quarters.

Avs involved: Gabriel Landeskog will be counted on heavily for the Swedes. They need to get offense going in this one early and never let the upstart Slovenian side have a shot. Whether they can do that without Hedman, Franzen, half a Sedin, or Zetterberg is yet to be seen.

The winner takes on the winner of Finland-Russia in the semifinals.

TV: 3:00 am, TSN, NBC Sports

4. Finland v. 5. Russia

The tournament so far: Finland cruised to victory over Group B also-rans Austria and Norway before falling in overtime to yet another Drew Doughty goal and Team Canada. They earned a bye to the quarters as the Best of the Rest.

Russia landed second in Group A to only the Americans, who beat them in The Shootout. It took another shootout for them to top Slovakia, but it wasn't The Shootout capital, no, that is reserved. They also beat Slovenia but who's counting. Russia won yesterday against Norway and Alex Radulov did good things and made bad faces, like D:<

Avs involved: Semyon Varlamov will be in net for the Russians.

The winner plays either Sweden or Slovenia.

TV: 7:30 am, NBC Sports, CBC

3. Canada v. 11. Latvia

The tournament so far: Canada won Group B basically on Drew Doughty's back doe and received their bye to the quarters.

Latvia didn't win a game in the round robin but because they lost by fewer goals than did Norway, they dodged the Russian bullet and faced Switzerland again yesterday. This time Jonas Hiller was beatable and Switzerland again found themselves unable to goals, as Latvia earned their right to play Canada today.

Avs involved: Matt Duchene will have a fantastic view of this game, but it sounds like he won't play.

The winner has the honer of being scored on by Phil Kessel takes on either Team USA or the Czech Republic in the semis.

TV: 12:00 noon, CBC, MSNBC

2. United States v. 7. Czech Republic

The tournament so far: Phil Kessel has scored a lot of goals and Jonathan Quick has stopped a lot of shots and T.J. Oshie out-skillsed Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk. The US won Group A to earn their bye to the quarters.

As for the Czechs, maybe just read this from the fantastic James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail. They beat Latvia, lost to Sweden and Switzerland, and apparently just aren't too friendly with their coach. Yesterday they took an early lead on the awful Slovaks and lead 4-0 before nearly blowing it. They hung on, 5-3.

Avs involved: Paul Stastny, who centers a pretty great line with T.J. Oshootout and Max Pacioretty. Sometimes he'll get stuck out there because he's in deep and gets to play for a bit with Phil and James van Riemsdyk and magic very briefly happens. But he's on a very possession-focused 4th line. For the Czechs, not Jan Hejda, who is one of those guys referred to by Mirtle as not too friendly with the coach. He told Chambers in January he would rather stay home.

The winner sparks the next phase of the Great Canadian National Crisis faces the winner of Canada and Latvia.

TV: 12:00 noon, USA network, TSN 2

Tape Delay Schedule

This is the same as yesterday in America. An unspecified "Hockey Encore" at 3:00pm and the "Game of the Day" which you have to think is Team USA but also isn't specified at 5:00pm. Both can be found on NBC Sports.

In Canada, on TSN at 7:30pm you can find Olympic Extra - Hockey Edition, which I would imagine should be a replay of Canada - Latvia but doesn't outright say so online. Here's a funny thing I found on while checking these listings by the way. Latest audio, from today: "Olympic Today Day 10: Is hockey Canada or Russia's game?" I love you guys, Canada, but this is some obnoxious shit. And you're talking to someone from the motherland of obnoxious nationalistic shit here. That makes me an expert.

Anyway, enjoy the games, don't expect a recap thread because I have work and would just lift information from around 8:00 Eastern anyway, and we'll see you back tomorrow for the women's gold medal game. Which I also will be at work during. DAMN you Russia for being on the other side of the planet.