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Olympic Hockey Tape Delay GDT: Men's Bronze Medal Game (Spoiler Free)

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The USA and Finland only a bit later in the day.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

hey if you have seen the game don't talk about it in here kthx. we are the spoiler free thread.

2. USA v. 4. Finland

LIVE: 10:00 am Eastern, NBC Sports, CBC
TAPE DELAY: 6:00 pm Eastern, NBC Sports
TAPE DELAY: 7:30pm Eastern, TSN

Today is Sad Pandas Day. Finland fell to Sweden and the US fell to Canada yesterday, so the two teams will battle it out to decide who is the Least Sad.

Should be no split loyalties at all among Avs fans. No Avalanche are on Team Finland. Paul Stastny is on Team USA. Even if you're not American we can band behind Walnuts in his quest for bronze! (If you happen to be a Finn cheering on Teemu's last hurrah, then I guess I'll allow it, but we're watching you.)

Unfortunately Finland are a pretty tough draw for the US for the same reason they were a tough draw for the Russians. The US has a counterattack that capitalizes on mistakes. Finland play exceedingly disciplined hockey. It's how they're in the medal round despite being short three centers. On big ice a well-executed system can trump talent because there's more room to hide the puck in. Finland keeps the US playing dump and cycle all game (which is what Canada did), and the States are in trouble.