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Whose Line Is It Monday?

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The Olympics are over and we still have to wait two days for the Avalanche. Are you going through withdrawals? Time to joke away the pain and get your Monday hockey fix.

Bruce Bennett

Welcome back to Whose Line is it Monday where everything is made up and the recs don't matter.

If any of you are regulars at reddit's r/hockey then you likely already know how this works, as for the rest of you: enjoy. The only change is that I'll propose a weekly "Hoedown" for you all to answer.  If you don't know how the hoedowns works, here's an excellent compilation from the masters themselves and an awesome Avalanche hoedown written by our own SteveHouse.  I'll propose the hoedown theme and anyone can start it off, keep your hoedown verses in one thread and the verse with the most recs wins!

The Rules:

  • New comments should sketch scenario, like: Things bigger than Bryzgalov's five-hole
  • People reply to the prompt with things like: the universe, Brad Marchand's nose, or Jamie McGinn
  • Sketches should be in the form of a statement, not a question
  • Be liberal with your recs, the comments with the most green will be featured at the top of next week's page.
  • The first hoedown comment will be the official hoedown thread, if you have another verse to contribute then reply to the original or one of its children.  Verse with the most recs wins!
Last Week's Contestants:
# Member Comments
1 Andy_Joe 17
1 wflan 17
3 Andi D 12
4 cush52 10

Last Week's Winners:
Off to a strong start with c6hors taking top rec's on just the 2nd comment of the night.

And last but certainly not least:

People who know less about hockey than Nadia Archuleta

"I saw a picture that could have been Snidely Whiplash back in the day only 100x more refined and more clever, so I figured it was you." - Dan

SteveHouse worked some magic with last week's Olympic Hoedown:
So for this week's hoedown, let's honor our old Duke on the day of his retirement and write the Milan Hejduk hoedown.