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The Final Stretch: By The Numbers

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Tomorrow night the Avalanche kick off their final push for the 2013-2014 NHL playoffs. Here's a look at what's left on the schedule.

Doug Pensinger

The Avalanche return to action tomorrow night and beginning their final sprint to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Here's a look at what stands between them and a playoff berth.


24: Games Remaining

21 : Points to the 100 point mark

10-13-1: Record needed for 100 points

Games Per Month:

Feb: 2

Mar: 14

Apr: 8


12 - Home Games

12 – Road Games

4 – Longest Home Stand (March 8 – 14, Blues, Jets, Blackhawks, and Ducks)

4 – Longest Road Trip (April 8 – 13. The Avs last 4 games of the year take a trip out West starting with the Oilers. Hopefully they’ll have locked a playoff position by then, because the Avs last 3 are: Canucks and Sharks and Ducks! Oh My!)

2 – Back to Backs

March 18 in Montreal – March 19 in Winnipeg

April 10 in Vancouver – April 11 in San Jose


6 – Central Division Games

(Blues twice, Blackhawks twice, Jets and Predators once each)

8 – Eastern Conference Opponents

(Lightning, Red Wings, Senators, Canadiens, Bruins, Blue Jackets, Rangers, Penguins)

Hey I Know You:

0 – New Opponents. The Avs have played every team in the NHL, and they’ve already beaten 24 of them at least once.

Best Case Scenario: The Avalanche can still beat 28 of the NHL's 30 teams.

0-2-0 vs Carolina (Series over)

0-2-0 vs St. Louis (Rematches March 8 and April 5)

0-1-0 vs Detroit (Rematch March 6 in Detroit. Lidstrom Jersey Retirment Night)

0-1-0 vs Vancouver (Rematches March 27 and April 10)

0-1-0 vs New York Rangers (Rematch April 3)


3 - Days until the Avalanche can trade Ryan O'Reilly (if they so choose)

8 - Days until the NHL trade deadline

6 - Roster UFAs (Stastny, Mitchell, Cliche, Sarich, Benoit, Giguere)

3 - Roster RFAs (O'Reilly, McGinn, Barrie)

12 - Players in the farm to sign (including Elliott, Hishon, Malone, Olver and the Cutthroats goalie tandem)

11,923,702 - Cap Space available at the deadline.


3 - Goals for Erik Johnson to match his career high

5 - Points for Gabriel Landeskog to match his career best season

8 - Goals until the 30 mark for Nathan MacKinnon (First Av since Hejduk and Sakic scored 30+ each in 06-07)

17 - Games until Tyson Barrie hits the 100 games played mark

18 - Points for Matt Duchene to eclipse his career best season

18 - Games until PA Parenteau hits the 300 games played mark


5 - Points between the Avalanche and the Central Division lead after the Olympic break.

15 - Points between the Avalanche and 9th place after the Olympic break.

8 - Points separating the Avalanche and the league leading Ducks.

8 - Players who have never appeared in the NHL Playoffs (MacKinnon, Barrie, Landeskog, Parenteau, Johnson, Holden, Cliche, Guenin)

4 - Players who have scored a playoff goal (Talbot 18, Stastny 3, O'Reilly 1, McLeod 1)