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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - February 28th, 2014

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Quiet news day for the Avs, so we turn our heads to the rest of the NHL.

Justin K. Aller

If you recall, Kris Letang had a stroke early this month. His wife found him on the floor, conscious but unable to function. While original estimates put his return at six weeks, the Penguins defenseman now isn't sure he'll make it back this season at all.

He said he started using light weights and is gradually building toward his usual routine.

"I have some good days, some bad days [physically]," Letang said. "I think the most difficult thing is around family, everybody is really careful. I can't even lift their luggage without having them try to help me out.

"Otherwise, it's been just mentally a little bit tough."

Should Kesler stay or should he go? Lots of speculation about what's actually going on with Ryan Kesler and the Vancouver Canucks. Jason Botchford of The Province suggests that the Nucks can "kiss Kesler goodbye."

The Ryan Kesler era is coming to an end in Vancouver.

Whether that happens before the trade deadline next week or the draft in June remains to be seen. But the Canucks have been absorbing offers already and are planning to trade their Selke-winning centre.

People are coming down pretty hard on Martin St. Louis given the talk coming out about his insistence on a trade and that it be to one team only. Gary Shelton of the Tampa Bay Times says Marty needs to get over it.

Have we now reached the point where only a trade will provide relief for a player and for the team that have spent so long leaning upon each other?

None of this is going to make any sense to the rest of us. There is too much shared success for it to all be tossed aside so easily. St. Louis has shed too much sweat, and his fingerprints are too common over the best days of this franchise, for either side to lose sight of it.

And, yet, there was St. Louis on Wednesday morning, speaking one line, tersely, over and again.