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Sandie's Quick and Dirty Thoughts

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Doug Pensinger

Jamie McGinn: On February 27th 2012 Colorado traded Dan Winnik (and TJ Galiardi) to San Jose for Jamie McGinn (and Michael Sgarbossa and Mike Connolly). I had such a flood of sympathy posts on my Facebook that I got calls, emails and texts from non-hockey friends and family who saw it and become concerned. Then Jamie McGinn did this with .7 seconds left:



McGinn also had his fantastic moments last year, but this year he is absolutely breaking out. He hits the opposition hard, and frequently. He scores some beautiful goals, and isn't a defensive liability. Whatever he's been eating - all of it? - I hope continues down this path and with the Avalanche. I really do hope the Avs are talking extension with him. This kid deserves it.

Varly: The Avs inking Semyon Varlamov to an extra five years is something that he absolutely deserves. He's been incredible for the Avs this year and I think both the Avalanche and Varly and happy that this has been squared away.

Alex Tanguay: I hope Tangs does nothing but rest and watch some of Olympics. That guy needs to get healthy. He may not be as fast as Matt Duchene and Nathan MacKinnon - let's be honest for second and say that most aren't - but DAT VISION. His passing is absolutely incredible. He has not lost that at all.

Kurt Etchegary: Some of you will remember that one of the guys I focused on at the NHL Scouting Combine was Kurt Etchegary. I talked to him about having Patrick Roy as a coach and a number of the things he mentioned then, we've seen Roy do at the NHL level. Etchegary went undrafted. Not due to a lack of skill, but it turns out, because he had an underlying heart condition. He had fluid around his heart. In November he underwent surgery to correct the issue. Since then he's back on the ice. Not only that but he was named Team Captain. In May he told me this was one of his goals, I'm thrilled for the this kid with a quick smile.

Scrubs -- He's Got Fluid (A Beat Boxing Intern) (via ssneibart)