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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - February 3rd, 2014

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Doug Pensinger

The Avs beat the Sabres, badly, but Marc-Andre Cliche scoring a goal was a big story for the players on the Avalanche bench.

Were his teammates happy to see him get his first goal? Indeed.

After all, he's been doing the dirty work for Colorado all season.

"We wanted him to score that for so long and he's had so many chances lately, it was great to see him score that one," Landeskog said. "The whole bench erupted. He's such an awesome team guy, he doesn't complain, he goes out there and does his job. Tonight he finally got rewarded for his hard work."

Patrick Roy is still incredibly popular with fans.

Now Roy’s presence looms large behind the bench for the National Hockey League’s most surprising team.

He’s intense. He’s colourful. And he has quickly developed the type of one-on-one relationships that have his young Colorado Avalanche charges labelling him as the ultimate players’ coach.

Then there’s the all around aura stemming from his Hall of Fame career as a goaltender for the Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens.

“It’s kind of weird, going on the road and him being the most popular guy when we get to the hotel,” talented Avalanche centre Paul Stastny said with a laugh Wednesday.

One of our sister site's, Pensburgh is doing a charity drive.

Following up on and inspired by the charitable work of sites like Bonk's Mullet and The Production Line (with support from our SB Nation friends Winging It In Motown), which supported the Sens Foundation and the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation, respectively, we at PensBurgh decided to do our own type of charity donation drive.

Ours will support and be donated directly to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

What we decided to do was to accept pledges for donations based on what happens in certain Pens games, as well as the Olympics. It's a fun way to make donating a little bit more vested and interactive. Our pledge drive will end after the Stadium Series game vs. the Blackhawks on March 1st.