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Quote of the Night: Don't Trust Lou Edition

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Lou is my barber. He's kinda shifty.

Paul Bereswill

Lot's of familiar faces at the top of the leader board again last night.  Sandie has accepted her shortcomings and upped her game, apparently:



# of Comments

1 Americanario 141
2 Sandie Gauthier 127
3 amit916 78
4 earl06 63
5 FrostyBear21 55

Now that we've got the quantity out of the way, what about the quality?  It was pretty good...


That's from threadstarter earl06 with a whopping 6 recs. Come on people, there were 58 unique users in the thread last night and that only got SIX RECS?!?!?!?  You'll best be representin' tonight.