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QotN: Rags Edition

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Sandie Triumphant!! Colorado? Not so much.

Jim McIsaac

Our own Sandie takes the throne of commenting proliferation for last night's debacle in the Garden.  Lots of familiar names.  How 'bout getting some newer members up there with the comment spamming in game threads, eh?



# of Comments

1 Sandie Gauthier 105
2 Americanario 101
3 SteveHouse 89
4 Pyotroll09 53
5 earl06 47

There was a lot of sorrow and frustration expressed in the comments, as you might imagine.  Still, there were a few recs handled out. SteveHouse, earl06, and myself (ahem) tied with 3 recs each on a handful of posts.

  • earl's comment was actually SixWhores and his bro twatting a picture of their seats for the massacre:

  • Steve's greenery was a result of the trending Roy is Incredulous gif:


  • Mine came as a result of my favorite member asking if the game was as bad as it sounded on the radio:
Worse. It happened with pictures for some people.

Pretty slow night, but hey, maybe you guys were resting up for the weekend like the Avs?