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Factoring in the Outcome

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Another prognostication tidbit for the MHH Faithful.

Doug Pensinger

Just like the wildly popular "Ballers and Shot Callers" post from a couple of weeks ago, it's time to put your prediction skills to the test.

  1. Which forward gets the first shot on goal for the Avalanche tonight?
  2. Which forward line is on the ice when the Colorado gives up their first shot against?
  3. Who gets the first POWER PLAY goal for the Avalanche tonight?
  4. Who leads the team in penalty minutes tonight?
  5. Which forward get's the most blocked shots tonight?

Only one rule: O'Reilly has to be at least one of your answers or the remainder will be disqualified.

Once again, I'll attempt to anoint a winner(s) in the recap thread tomorrow.