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QotN: East Coast Bias Edition

Another trip to a Eastern seaboard city, another loss. That's two in a row. It's officially a streak.

Drew Hallowell

Commenting top honors went to the usual slew of regulars again last night.  I think there must be some bet or something that makes these five people juggle threads and game watching activities at such a high rate.

Rank Member # of Comments
1 Americanario 149
2 Pyotroll09 105
3 SteveHouse 87
4 Cole D Hamilton 84
5 Sandie Gauthier 72

The most rec'd comments again were somewhat sparse as the winner came in with 5 and then there were three others with the threshold of 2.  Still, last night's greenest of the green went to faydout with the Detroit own-goal consolation prize.


Plus, Pyotroll09 demand it win so....