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Avs Trade Talk

A more or less open thread about possible trades, news, rumormongering, etc.

Who could say no to that face?
Who could say no to that face?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey kids.  I saw this article from Dater about Stastny and the possibility of him being traded.  Its not news to anyone who routinely keeps up with the news on this site.  The general gist is that, if it looks like no deal is in sight, and there isn't a good possibility of one happening before UFA, that Stastny might be dealt at the trade deadline.  No sources, no rumors, just a heads up to the people that aren't paying attention like we are.

So, this thread is just kinda here for general talk, and in case there's some breaking trade (for any team) that people want to chat about.  I'll try to update with anything that goes down (that I care about), or someone else will (since I'm on my way to go drink).

Just to spur discussion, is there anything (besides Weber) for which you would like to trade our most excellent Son of Stats?

Have at it, Folks!

Note:  Forsberger already linked to this Dater article in the post-game thread, so good on him.