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Carey and Malone called up from Lake Erie

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ryan Boulding and others, PA Parenteau will be out 4-6 weeks with an injury to the MCL in his right leg and the Avalanche will call up Brad Malone and Paul Carey from the Monsters.

Wow, first reaction is "SHITTY NEWS!" about PA. That's done tho', the Avs will have to adjust. Let's take a look at Malone and Carey.

Brad Malone we are all familiar with. He played 15 games for Colorado earlier this year, and 37 over the past 3 years since coming from North Dakota. He's big and fast and knows the system.

Paul Carey, like Malone, was drafted in 2007 and went to college before turning pro. After being picked in the 5th round by the Avs, he attended Boston College and won 2 NCAA championships, the second as a senior while wearing the alternate captain's letter. Carey has spent the last 2 years with the beloved Monsters tallying 26G/33A in 127 games. He's got some size (6'1, 207#) and is extremely fast. Other than Mack and Duchene he can blow anyone else on the Avs out of the water. He's a good penalty killer, his speed and size make him a very effective forechecker and he does very well in the corners. He's also pretty durable, missing only 9 games with illness and minor issues in the last two years. The only worries come from lack of experience and adjusting to the NHL.

Both these guys are RFAs after this season, so this is a huge opportunity for both. Coach Roy is on record saying that if Malone isn't going to be a full time player for the Avs next year he'll find somewhere that will give him a shot, so he's auditioning for the league. Carey hasn't seen any time in the NHL yet and depending on the organization's needs he might not be re-signed. Huge chance here for him, he's played excellent the last few games for LEM and that comes at just the right time for a callup.

I don't have any wild guesses as to how the staff will use these guys. Malone is way more experienced and has plenty of time on the Avs 4th line. Carey is perhaps more suited to a 3rd line role down the road, but he'll have to earn it.

Good luck fellows!