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Tuesday Trends: A snapshot of the March 11 playoff picture

Minor shuffling in the also-rans and there's a new sheriff in town as we check in on the Western standings.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Here's where we are this week (standings current going into Tuesday):

Teams GP Points Pace
St. Louis 64 94 120.4
Chicago 65 90 113.5
Colorado 65 89 112.3

Anaheim 65 93 117.3
San Jose 65 89 112.3
Los Angeles 65 80 100.9

Minnesota 64 76 97.4
Dallas 64 72 92.3
Phoenix 65 71 89.6
Winnipeg 66 68 84.5
Vancouver 67 68 83.2
Nashville 65 64 80.7
Calgary 64 57 73
Edmonton 65 52 65.6

Here's your range graph. Click to embiggen, as usual. Also I changed the colors some:


And the awesome moving version, courtesy of Pyotr. Click to hit 88mph (he puts the Pacific in front for some reason):


The playoff pace is currently Dallas's 92.3. Phoenix are right there, but Dallas does have a game in hand since they were postponed last night after the Rich Peverley situation. Vancouver dropped down to nearly 10 points off the pace with last night's utter third period collapse.

Perhaps most relevantly, the St. Louis Blues have taken over the pace for tops in the Western Conference, and Colorado are now a single point behind Chicago for home ice in the first round.

If the playoffs started tomorrow

here's what your matchups would be.

Overall 1. St. Louis v Overall 8. Dallas
Other Division Winner. Anaheim v Overall 7. Minnesota
Pacific 2. San Jose v Pacific 3. Los Angeles
Central 2. Chicago v Central 3. Colorado

It's getting tough to imagine a situation where the Avs don't face Chicago in the first round. Maybe that's deceptive, since Chicago and Colorado are only 4 and 5 points back, respectively, without a big games played difference.