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GDT: Avalanche vs Ducks 3/14/2014, game 67

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim tonight at the Pepsi center.

Nothing earthshaking in the news today as far as lineup changes. Stastny is still out, Sarich will again be the semi-rotating D scratch and that other guy won't play as usual. Paul Carey & Brad Malone are still with us and in the lineup. Varly will be minding the nets.

I'm going to poach "Some absurd stats" from our fellow SBNation poster Kevin Riach over at Anaheim Calling about the Ducks awful performance against Calgary the other night:

- Calgary shot 50% in the 1st period last night, and 28% for the game
- Getzlaf and Beauch, in maybe their worst game this season, were out for 5 goals against
- PP went 0-2, surrendering a goal each time
- CGY outshot the Ducks 3-1 on the 2 Ducks PPs
- Ducks PP is now 2-35 in the last 11 games

Not good. These are troubling both in how bad they are and how badly you can imagine the Ducks want to come out with blood in their eyes against the Avalanche. For our team's sake, let's hope the lurid slide they've been on continues.

Projectile lineup:

90 - 9 - 11
92 - 7 - 29
55 - 24 - 25
28 - 42 - 58

8 - 6
61 - 2
5 - 4


* * * * *

MILE HIGH HOCKEY DRINKING GAME OF THE NIGHT: Take a big swig anytime Getzlaf or Perry passes the puck to anyone other than Matt Duchene. Then die.