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GDT: Avalanche at Montreal 3/18/2014, game 69

Richard Wolowicz

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on Les Habitants de Montréal at the World Headquarters of the Patrick Roy Fan Club.

Some good news for a change on the injury front. Paul Stastny's back is up to par and he will be on skates and playing hockey tonight. Whatever was wrong with Ryan O'Reilly is not going to sideline him for the big game. Paul Carey will be scratched for the forwards and Cory Sarich will be the rotating scratch on D even though it looks like it's not rotating much anymore. That other guy won't play either as usual.

Projectile Lineup:

O'Reilly - Duchene - McGinn
Landeskog - Stastny - MacKinnon
McLeod - Mitchell - Talbot
Malone - Cliche - Bordeleau

Hejda - Johnson
Benoit - Guenin
Holden - Barrie


* * * * *

MILE HIGH HOCKEY DRINKING GAME OF THE NIGHT: Chug every time Patrick is shown wearing the bleu, blanc et rouge.