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GDT: Avalanche vs Bruins 3/21/2014, game 71

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Bruins of Boston tonight at the Pepsi Center.

Leading off tonight's top stories, Paul Stastny will be back tonight but Smooth Johnny Mitchell will be sitting this one out. Tyson Barrie impressed the coach so much at forward against Winnipeg, he gets to play there again, although he has to play with McLeod and Talbot this time. Not quite as much fun, eh? This allows the Avs to play Cory Sarich for some reason and scratch Paul Carey, which frankly sucks. That other guy won't play either as usual.

Varly will start in net with Giguere manning the door. Yogi gets to look for a pick-a-nick basket in the press box.

Projectile Lineup:

O'Reilly - Duchene - McGinn
Landeskog - Stastny - MacKinnon
McLeod - Talbot - Barrie
Malone - Cliche - Bordeleau

Hejda - Johnson
Benoit - Sarich
Holden - Guenin


* * * * *

MILE HIGH HOCKEY DRINKING GAME OF THE NIGHT: Take a swig anytime Haynes mentions that Sunnyside played for the Bs, chug a whole growler if the shoe incident gets mentioned. (Hint: it won't)

Also, feel free to rec any interesting/funny/obtuse comments for QOTN, we've been slacking on this lately and need to get in practice for the playoff run. GO!