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Tuesday Trends (March 25)

New division leaders? Casualties? Wild card intrigue? Stay tuned!

This is current through Monday night's games. Edmonton can now only muster 79 points, and as such, their quest for the 2014 Stanley Cup has officially ended. They will no longer profane your Tuesday mornings.

Teams GP Points Pace
St. Louis 71 103 119.0
Chicago 72 97 110.5
Colorado 71 94 108.6

San Jose
73 101 113.4
Anaheim 71 99 114.3
Los Angeles 72 88 100.2

Minnesota 72 85
Phoenix 72 80 91.1
Dallas 71 79 91.2
Vancouver 73
76 85.3
Winnipeg 73 73 82
Nashville 72 72 82
Calgary 72 67 76.3

Boy. How bout Anaheim eh?

Two teams actually have a higher projected pace than the team directly above them. However this is due to games in hand, and those are not called points in hand. So say hello to your new Pacific division leading San Jose Sharks.

Phoenix still hold the final slot despite the playoffs pace actually being Dallas's 91.2. Dallas hold a game in hand for now. Also, Los Angeles has turned their fortunes in the last week and now make the sixth (!) Western team to average a 100-point pace.

Once again, Vancouver aren't as close as they look. They are 3 points back of a team with 2 games in hand. It's not out of sight for them, but realistically, no playoffs for you.

Range chart for this week, which you can click to gigantify, as is tradition.


If the playoffs started tomorrow

here's what your matchups would be.

Overall 1. St. Louis v Overall 8. Phoenix
Other Division Winner. San Jose v Overall 7. Minnesota
Pacific 2. Anaheim v Pacific 3. Los Angeles
Central 2. Chicago v Central 3. Colorado

The Ducks and Kings would be a fucking bloodbath you guys. Also, I trust San Jose to eliminate the Adjectives more than I do the Ducks right now, so, this setup works for me. You?