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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - March 26th, 2014

Frederick Breedon

An Avs prospect had 58 saves in their last game.

Oshawa 6 Mississauga 5, 2 OT (Generals lead 3-0, Steelheads host Game 4 on Thursday) — How big a red flag does the Generals giving up five goals to 'Sauga set off? The Gens got captain Josh Brown back, but had their hands full as the Steelheads shut up the know-it-alls (present company right at the front of line) by producing their best offensive performance since it traded overage Dylan Smoskowitz to Oshawa. Russian forward Sam Babintsev produced a hat trick, including a third-period tying goal after Brett Foy created a diversion in front of the goal.

It was only the second time since Christmas the Steelheads have scored five goals in a game. The first came against Sarnia, the league's worst team. It's possible the Generals, who won the opener 6-0, are simply having trouble convincing themselves they need to bring their A-game vs. a team they outpaced by 36 points. It hasn't exactly dominated the past two games, which might mean little or might confirm the opinions the Eastern Conference is really that weak.

It was an impassioned effort by Mississauga, which got 58 saves from Colorado Avalanche-drafted goalie Spencer Martin. Oshawa's Josh Sterk, the Kitchener Rangers castoff, ended it after 31 minutes 23 seconds of overtime.

More news is coming out about Terry Trafford... please know that if you ever need someone to talk to know, a lot of us here would be more than willing to listen. Seriously. Please.

While he was suspended, Trafford spent four or five days in Toronto with his family. On Saturday, March 1, Terry Trafford went shopping with his father, and there were no signs that hinted at an upcoming tragedy. After the shopping trip, Roy Trafford left both of his cellphones in his van. This would prove to be a small detail that would prove significant because Roy Trafford later missed an important phone call and text message from the Saginaw Spirit front office.

“Over the period of time that he was home, additional behaviour information came to light to the team ownership, myself included, and the decision was made that he was not to return at this time,” Goslin said, declining to elaborate.

Spirit general manager Jim Paliafito contacted Trafford’s agent and told him.

Terry Trafford was sitting at the kitchen table with his father, sending text messages to his agent and the team GM, and he didn’t tell his father that he had been cut, even though Terry Trafford told his agent that he had told him.

Terry Trafford hid it, just as he had hid his depression.