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Game 63 Recap: Avs return favor on Lidstrom night, down Wings 3-2

Recap by committee!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This game was all about two things: the Detroit Wings stifled the Avs' speed & transition game and the Colorado Avalanche found a way to win.

First period

  • We need a bucket of smelling salts - Gurthang
  • We just cannot get possession down in the Wings’ zone. - Andi D
  • Can’t get possession anywhere except standing still behind out own net - Cole D Hamilton
  • Paass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass out of the zone. - Americanario
  • Avs get through the first 10 minutes and are starting to get their legs moving. The last shift by Stazz’ line showed promise and good possession down low. - niwotsblessing
  • (rw goal - Niklas Kronwall from Joakim Andersson and Jonathan Ericsson at 12:33)
  • Fuckbag - earl06
  • "Never get beat short side" - SteveHouse
  • That was a pretty fucking weak ass period by our boys. Don’t they know how much we hate these mother fucking red wings? - Bob in Boulder

Comment of the first:

Hey refs...

…check to see if you’re pregnant… because you missed a period…

Colorado penalty: 2 minutes... a whole bunch of guys...

Second Period

  • Hooray, a possession in their zone! - jcn7vc
  • The wings are literally lining 3 guys up across the red line and 2 guys across the blueline. TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP
  • Urghahgrgah. Avs, y u no play better? - Andi D
  • Roy please figure it out NOW. Babcock is coaching the shit out of you - Cole D Hamilton
  • good fucking grief we look like fucking hell - Bob in Boulder
  • (avs goal - Matt Duchene from Erik Johnson and Ryan O'Reilly at 10:11)
  • RALLY CHIMICHANGA!!! - SteveHouse
  • DUCHENE on an incredibly lucky broken play - Cole D Hamilton
  • Really good PK sequence for McLeod and Mitchell. Both guys who I’ve harshed on a lot lately and who deserve credit there - Cole D Hamilton
  • how can the ice not be good? Isn't it crotch-shrinking cold in Michigan? - Gurthang
  • (rw goal - Tomas Jurco from Riley Sheahan and Danny DeKeyser at12:10)
  • PK was looking good until that. -  jcn7vc
  • Live by the boards, die by the boards. - jcn7vc
  • EJ just owned someone behind the net, think it was Legwand. - niwotsblessing
  • Is it just me or have the Avs just been kind of….flat-lining this game? - TurboPuns
  • 3rd line = mucho possession! not fucking shots - CincyAvsFan
  • 1st two lines Have been absolute dog shit. Stats and Landy have been horrible, for example. - Bob in Boulder
Comment of the second:

dear avs

there will be plenty of time for chasing old men around with the puck

when youre LIVING IN A VAN


Third Period

  • wow, even the detroilet announcers are confused why there isn’t a penalty. - SteveHouse
  • (avs goal - PA Parenteau from Matt Duchene at 5:49)
  • Nice hard work low by Dutchy - Corporal Klinger
  • PAPi!!! - Hopfenkopf
  • Holy… Mac was skating alongside a wing, then decided, "Oh, I’m going to go faster than you now". Two strides, he’s 6’ in front of him. - Andi D
  • Things looking much better. #SorryJiggy. - Pyotroll09
  • Barrie just saved the Avs - Americanario
  • Bettman points abound.- Hopfenkopf
Comment of the period (about Dutchy):

He shrugged the mule off like a man! LOL Moser.


  • Time to get Mackinnon his point. - auggy74
  • Penalty baby. No shot though. - Gurthang
  • Very, very nice Dutch!- Hopfenkopf
  • Shooting gallery! - Hopfenkopf
  • Holy dropping bombs… - auggy74
  • 3v3? what the fuck - earl06
  • A Nuck quality dive. - niwotsblessing
  • Nice play by Holden.- niwotsblessing
  • killed, phew! - SteveHouse
  • (avs goal - Andre Benoit from Nathan MacKinnon and Erik Johnson at 4:28)
  • BAAAAAALLLSSSS!!! - Hopfenkopf
  • MacK point!!!!! - CincyAvsFan
Comment of the period:

YEAH Fuck off Kronwall
Sit down old and slow


MHH Three Stars

1. JS Giguere -(nice snag there jiggy - ColoradoZebo)

2. Matt Duchene - (Duchene steal and mugged all the way to the net - Americanario)

3. Erik Johnson - (EJ had 2 apples, Balls the winner- defense wins championships. - niwotsblessing )

Next Up: St. Louis Blues, Saturday, 3/8/14 at 1 pm MT