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Game 80 Recap: Avs climb atop the Central with a 4-2 win over Vancouver

It may not last long, but boy it feels good right now.

Rich Lam

Running commentary tonight for the Colorado Avalanche and Vancouver Canucks game:

- Minnesota scored again! Yoyoyo go WILD

- AJ just informed me that I had one of those Ambien nights during the last Avs game. Wish I'd been recapping that one cuz that woulda been AWESOME

- Talking about how Shattenkirk just got jocked out of his shorts in the Minny game. Still not liking that trade, folks? #BadAtD

- What the hell? Too many scoring ops for Vancouver.

- Speaking of Barrie, my lord that was HOT. That was a Duchene-level undressing. Holy confidence, Batman.

- Man that arena is empty and quiet.

- "Ryan O'Reilly just showed us why he's such a special player...those little stick lifts...just created a scoring chance. FUCK, why are you so good? You want $6.5 million? Take it! Enjoy!"

- It's interesting the way our lower lines' games have changed with this team. Talbot rushing in the zone, stopping up with a bit of flair and a pass cross-crease, looking all the world like a top-sixer.

- Seven shots on goal for each team in the first 9 minutes of the game. Lots of action in this game. TWSS.

- AJ making a good observation about Holden: he's very Hunwick-like. When he has time, he makes great plays, solid hockey smarts and vision. But pressure him? Everything breaks down.

- Five minutes left, Minny still leading 4-2. Eeeeeeeee

- Graphic on possible opponents...we dominated all of them, taking 4 games on each except Phoenix, against whom we went 2-1. Combined 14-3-1. Lol okay.

- Avs do need to win this game, tho.

- "Bad hockey inside the city that just demands better." McNabism

- You could feel that coming. Way too much time in the Avs zone and H. Sedin gets the tip to go up 1-0.

- Clock watching the Blues game. 44 shots to 15? CORSI'D! Ain't gonna do any good if the Avs don't get some O going.

- LOL. St. Louis.

- Can we just get out of this period?

- PAULY WALNUTS! Breakaway with 1:21 left and SoS buries it five hole. Please sign this man.

- AJ pointing out the ---- DEJA VU...GLITCH IN THE MATRIX!!! --- Canucks and Avs are having major role reversal right now. Last season, Avs would come out on fire and work their asses off and have any success negated just. like. that.

- Stanton sees McGinn a half a rink away, stares at his numbers, lines him up and crunches him against the board. Penalty Nucks.

- WILSON! Wait, where did you go, Ryan Wilson? He looks like a very unhappy camper.

- First period intermission: shots 14-10 Van, score 1-1

- "Grilling high is now legal. Driving to get the propane you forgot is not." Love that commercial.

- Ew, don't like hearing Oshie might have a concussion. Never want that.

- Barrie interview: "looking to win the conference." Love that confidence.

- Second starts on the PP for the burgundy and blue

- Love it when the puck goes on net to negate an icing.

- My lord Varly continues to challenge the shit out of shooters, coming waaaaay outside the crease. Can't decide if it's hot or scary.

- Bordy's so cute, trying to score a goal all up close and personal that takes some hands. "Not a tip, ain't gonna score," said AJ.

- Avs v other teams: they may have a big burly d-man but you can't hit what you can't catch.

- Somehow we got a four on four thing going on. Can't tell ya what happened. Me n Bubs were talking about something very important that I can't remember. Something about teams hiring former players as GMs.

- MacKinnon is kinda good

- Still have an issue with those matching penalties with diving involved. If he's diving, it's not a penalty. If it's a penalty, it's not diving.

- Why doesn't DQ deliver?

- So MacK's speed gets the best of yet another defenseman, who halls him down illegally. Unfortunately, it caused MacKinnon to go head first into the goal post. He stumbled trying to get up afterward. BUT he''s okay. Just his collarbone a flesh wound. PP Avs

- Varly had no idea where that shot went. Lol. No lights. No horn. No cheering. All good.

- End second. Same score. Shots evened out at 20-19 Van

- So tired. Never had a problem with west coast games before. Now I just want to get this damn thing over with.

- Mitchell's intermission interview: "Stastny has great vision." Yup, that'd be the lasik, Johnny.

- So, Roy had bluelines. Varly has water bottles. Goalies are freaking nuts (looking at you, Mike).

- Avs, this whole being in the d-zone thing can stop now. Kthx.

- Landy split the defense....almost. A half a step more and he woulda had clear skies on that chance.

- Pay that man his fucking money, damn it. Stastny pots his second of the night to put the good guys up by one, Mack and EJ with the assists.

- Shit. Booth ties things up at two thanks to an active boards behind the net.

- Do you think we'll ever get used to MacK's speed?

- Delay of game on the Canucks. Too bad the Avs PP sucks donkey butt

- Mitchell really is not having a good game

- The wave looks as lame on TV as it does in person

- So you remember that whole narrative about Barrie being bad at defense? Yeah, we can put that to rest. T-Bear just interrupted a two-on-one very nicely

- (BTW, that PP was beyond anemic. We're talking vampire draining a dude)

- Kesler going after MacKinnon. Last time it was Dutchy. Kesler a bit frustrated by the awesomeness of our boys? Love that they don't back down from that kind of harassment.

- More four v four with matching roughing penalties.

- Time to stop screwing around, Avs. Get possession. Keep possession. Score. Profit.

- Holy fuck are you so beautiful Barrie. Two on one...waits...waits...SNIPE. The league is really going to start hating that kid.

- AJ: "If we win tonight, can we just end the season after 80 games?" Works for me.

- Just reminded about customs for the team when they hit SFO tonight after the game. Can't fly into San Jose cuz of airport curfew. So...customs in Van, finally get into SFO, then bus it to SJ. Tired team tomorrow.

- I think the Vancouver police are on their way to the arena cuz Varly just committed grand larceny.

- Battery on the laptop is dying. This game should end soon.

- Now would be a good time for another goal, Avs. How about McGinn and his 20th?

- Too much time in the d-zone, boys. Move that puck north!

- Varly awfully animated talking to his D during that break. Wonder if he's unhappy about the fact the team is sitting back on their laurels right now.

- Landy with another breakaway and gets hauled down. Another PP

- Arrrgggghhhhhh Stastny had that third one right there on his stuck but the puck just bounced away from him

- Woah, just realized there's only 1:43 to go in this game. Hold it together, boys.

- PING! Johnson clangs it off the post

- Mitchell gets the empty netter

- 52nd win of the season. Tied the 2001 team for most wins in a season.

- Clinched home ice

- Oh, and how's our ass looking, St. Louis?

MHH Stars

1. Paul Stastny

2. Tyson Barrie

3. Semyon Varlamov (he always gets top billing. needed to spread the love.)