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Game 82 Preview: Avs visit the Anaheim Ducks

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche will play their last regular season game against the Anaheim Ducks. Unlike the last few years, the Avs aren't simply hoping to player spoiler to their opposition... this game matters, it will help decide who the Avs will play against in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. So much awesome in one sentence.

This will be Selanne's last regular season game, it seems appropriate that it would be against the Colorado Avalanche. While his season with the Avs was, umm, not good. He has had a great career both in the NHL and at international competitions.

After the brutal loss to the Sharks on Friday the Avs will be looking to rebound and go into the playoffs on the back of a win. There is some good news, the Ducks played last night, a late night game start, in Los Angeles, so they should be a tired team while the Avalanche had Saturday off and had a needed rest.

The Avalanche could potentially win the division, the Avs have a better ROW than the Blues so if they tie with them, they are golden. Who could the Avs potentially face in the playoffs? Chicago, Minnesota or Dallas. The Western Conference is tough, and the playoffs are even tougher. That being said, the Colorado Avalanche have beaten every team this season. They have shown that they have the ability, and the will, to get the win against any one. It's all about Character.

The Blues will faceoff in the morning (10:30 MT, 12:30 ET), so the fate might be decided before the Avalanche-Ducks puck drop. If the Blues lose in regulation, the Avalanche have won the division. Other than Burgunday Rainbow, who would have thought that it was a possibility before the season started?! If, however, the Blues get a point due to an overtime loss or two points via a win, the Avalanche will have to at least match it to win the division.

However, it's not all good. Barrie got crunched during the game against the Sharks, while the Colorado Avalanche have not announced if he'll be game-ready - they said day-to-day - they have recalled Elliott.

One thing we do know is that Varly will, thankfully, return to the net. Game starts at 8 pm ET, 6 pm MT.

As of Monday the Boys will start showing off some beards, it's almost Playoff Hockey time.