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Beards of Glory: Mid-week Checkup

Well, we've given ourselves time for our faces to scruffen up a bit. Here's me, anyone else want to document their progress?

Doug Pensinger

Hey Gang!

I totally meant to post this yesterday morning, but I done forgot;  so here it is, on this glorious Saturday morning!!

Here is the progress on my beard so far:



My lady friend thinks I'm starting to look like me again, so I suppose its doing well.  I'm stoked for how it'll look by mid-week!

Some of the Avlet beards are coming in nicely, too, eh?  After how much media coverage we're going to get today, I'll post up a collection of their scruffiness that we can all revel in.

Post up some photos, gentlemen, if you feel like it!

Go Avs!!!