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Game 4 Recap: Avs Fall Again to the Wild

Avs' poor 1st, 2nd and most of 3rd sink their game 4 chances.

Hannah Foslien


At a bar. Work drinks. I’m drinking. A lot. Fuck it, I’ll recap you.

Period 1: Bar time!!!!

Start now. The Avs started off playing like absolutely dog shit. I thought this would stop soon, it didn’t. The Wild began to dominate and eventually Spurgeon was able to beat Varly on a rip from the top of the circles. 1-0 Wild.

The Wild kept pishing, amazing and a eventually about hallway through a penalty was called on Guenin. Not good, Nate, not good. Thankfully the Power Play was over soon without damage. Thank god.

The Avs look like shit. Just shit. Pure shit. As the Avs begin to get some presence in the offensive zone, Johnson’s has his shot block to spring Moulson on a breakway, but a nice save by Varly kep the Avs alive.

Period over. Not great, like at all, but it could be worse.


Period 2:

Home now!!! Please play better Avs. Johnsons started the Avs off on a great pinch but fed Cliché on his backhand who couldn’t do anything with it. The Avs had a good shift off MacKinnon’s line but Minnesota came right back and dominated the possession.

The Avs had a great rush as Talbot was sprung on a pseudo breakaway but Suter was called for hooking. Great chance emerged for the Avs after this. Nothing. Just fucking nothing. Some minor possession but everything looks off.

We’re halfway through and I have little to write about. The Avs are pushing but getting nowhere. The Wild are responding in transition and making Varly stop the puck but nothing looks scary from either side.

Following that comment the Wild got a power play. After a chance short-handed chance by Talbot, Coyle was able to find a rebound and put it by Varly. 2-0 Wild.

Well, after that, the Avs decided to play hockey. After a good forecheck, O’Reilly scored off a long-range shot that deflected off Suter and the Avs rebounded a bit. 2-1 Wild.

Under 4 left, Stastny got called on a penalty for cross checking the shit out of Granlund. Rough penalty there Paulie, but I like the aggression. I really do. The Wild had good possession, but wow did Varly have to make a great save off the post then a cover. Wow.

Period over, but the Wild still lead.

SYSTEMS UPDATE: 6% better. Still sucked. Being only down by one is a fucking miracle.

Period 3:

The Period started off better for the Avs and a good rush by Wilson created a Power Play for the Avs. This felt like a huge break for the Avs. The call was a little weak, but gave the Avs a chance to tie this game.

And nothing. The Wild’s PK is demolishing is the Avs Power Play. I am very surprised and impressed. There’s just no pressure. An unlucky hand pass effectively ended the Avs Power Play.

8 minutes in and really nothing happened. The Avs tried to push but the Wild neutral zone trapped clogged everything and the Avs had trouble getting into the zone.

With under 8 minutes left the Avs began to find some space. However, with 5:41 left, Suter was taken down by McGinn and the Would go on the power play. Fair call, dumb play by McGinn. Huge kill ensued. And it was killed but Varly had to bail out his team at the tail end of the kill.

With 2:36 left, Roy brought Varly to the bench. O’Reilly had a great chance, but Keumper was there. The game was on the line with two minutes left. Brodin was called on a penalty and it was 6 on 4 for the Avs.

Here we went.  The Avs had possession but the Wild collapse won out. The Avs could not generate anything really and they looked lost.  Even with the 6 on 4, the Avs couldn’t generate anything. Game over. Series ties headed back to Colorado.

Three Whores:

NO ONE. Coach Roy, fix this shit

However. it is still 2-2 in the series and the Avs still have home ice. Saturday is a huge game. Like gigantic.