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2014 Playoffs: Saturday Open Thread

Jim Rogash

Other than the beloved Avalanche's big game tonight, we have several other intriguing hockey matchups for your enjoyment including the possible commencement of golf time for our friends from detroit. GDT will be up at 8pm eastern/6pm mountain.

3:00pm ET - det @ BOS on regular NBC, wingys facing elimination with the B's up 3-1 in the series

7:00pm ET - CBJ @ PIT on NBCSN, series tied at 2-2, hope for regulation here because our game follows this one

9:30pm ET - The one that matters, on NBCSN

10:00pm ET - LAK @ SJS on CNBC, Kings also facing elimination down 3-1 to the Sharks

* * * * *

Get some beer, sangria or citrus cooler, get pumped and #GoAvsGo #WhyNotUs