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Game 5 recap: Avs steal the game again

P. A. Parenteau ends the drought, MacKinnon does what MaKkinnon does, Avs head to Minnesota with a chance to end this series.

Doug Pensinger


Coffee at 9 PM, catnap at 3 AM, zombie at 3:30AM to watch and recap this game.


Kuemper going in the game with 47 saves on 48 shots. Varly 75 saves on 78 shots, if that's not a Vezina material I don't know what is.

MacKinnon has some serious beard case going on. Yes I am jealous.

What kind of a name is Tripp Tracy?!

Period 1: Balls on the table ice

The game started with a classic back and forth. While both team played physically it wasn't the brutal scene we saw in the previous games. Referees might have decided to be a bit stricter as Holden was given 2 minute penalty for boarding. While the penalty itself was correctly assessed, compared to what we have used to see it was a child's play. Fortunately, Wild power play resembled ours a lot. First they managed to lose the blue line and get whistled for offside, then really good PK followed from the Avs. Nice blue line holding, great defensive play by Benoit.

8 minutes in the game 1 shot for Minnesota, 2 for Colorado. No team seemed to have the upper hand. By the way I miss Altitude, NBCSN hockey broadcasters are pain to listen to. Sorry back to the game. Landeskog had a really nice hit, one of the many to come. He has no problem to play more physically, which is great. Guy called Tripp asks Roy what he thinks about our play so far. Patty likes it. Well, I agree.

Time 7:10 Granlund gets a penalty for goalie interference. Our atrocious power play shows up again. Burgundy couldn't hold the zone. One decent chance from the left wing, Kuemper stands tall for the rebound. Before the period ends Stastny fires, MacKinnon gets the rebound and passes it to Holden who fires it but Kuemper is ready again.

Period ends nill-nill. Avs were outshot 11-8 but at the same time seemed to have an upper-hand by a landslide. Wild weren't that physically active as they should have been which gave rise to the crazy speed of Avs. Varly had some good saves.

Period 2: Period not so Wild

The period started with a serie of icing and got almost relaxed. At one point it felt like a regular Sunday season game. Avs finally managed to pressure a bit and while Holden only managed hit a Wild player with an empty net in front of him, PAP drew a crosscheck from Stoner.

Our second power play seemed better but ultimately didn't produce anything. Props to Joey Hishon though. Some nice puck management and passing. He has a future, just give him some time. Just as Stoner's penalty ended, Hejda decided to go on the ice too early and it got too much manly for the refs to handle and we were gifted with a penalty kill time in return. Not last "questionable" play of Hejda in this game by the way.

Avs clear the puck on the PK and tired Suter makes a bad pass and The Thief steals it. I bet you know who I am talking about. Yeah, Ryan Burglar O'Reilly confiscates the puck from Suter, skates with it along the boards, passes it to McLeod who tips it in. Good guys 1 - Bad guys 0. For 1:17 seconds.

Wild continue their power play. While Avs survived the power play itself, the-guys-in-weird-jerseys manage to hold the zone. McGinn loses a stick and while he valiantly tries to block the shots, Wild cuddle the puck and when Heatley passes, Spurgeon fires from the blue line and Moulson deflects the puck. Nothing to blame Varly for. 1-1

More boring questions from a guy called Tripp, boring reply from Yeo. Koivu keeps nabbing with his stick into lying Stastny and then Landy. Blondie gets mad and manhandles Miku. Both get roughing. On the coming  4 on 4, Granlund breaks MacKinnon's stick right confront of the referees. No call. Mackinnon gets MAD, skates for a new stick, gets a pass from our zone, turns on his turbo-jet engines, breaks the sound barrier, skates past Wild Ds who likely didn't even see him and then casually sends a pass back to Benoit on the blue who fires it and Holden deflects it in. Just like that. Brace yourselfs for the mandatory praise. 2-1 for the pretty guys.

You could see the game speed up in front of your eyes but not much happened till the end of the 2nd period. McLeod larks with Coyle a bit, who attempts to rodeo ride him but gets a roughing for it. Do I surprise anyone when I say our PP was pretty bad again and Wild had some shortie chances? No? I thought so.

Shots tied 20/20. Avs lead hits by 10 (24), Avs didn't dominate but cashed in better on their chances. Obligatory: "Varly saved our ass quite a lot" line.

Period 3: The Dread

Tripp Tracy composing hymns on MacKinnon. Unexpected. Not. Avs start with a good puck possession in the State-of-Hockey zone. But then Pominville got hold of the puck skated into our territory, sent a wide pass to the left wing to Parise who shoots it just to right post and in the goal. Crap. 2-2

2 minutes later Wild decided to set up a camping spot in our zone. Hejda loses his stick. Plays without it, good guy Cliche gives him his own, Hejda doesn't like it, drops it, picks his own back, makes the worst attempt on cleaning a puck I saw in ages. Heatley serves it to Brodziak who fires from the blueline (again...) just above Varly's shoulder. 3-2 for the bad guys.

Hejda mismanages puck, Haula gets it, Hejda slips while pursuing him, Varly saved us the game. We built a decent pressure after that but couldn't hold their zone. 4 and half minute left comes one of the most hilarious penalties I ever saw. Landy skates towards Kuemper and while doing so gives him a snow shower. He is given unsportsmanlike conduct. For a snow shower. Less than 5 minutes to the end of the game, while losing by one. Yes. I felt so bad for Landeskog, you could see the despair in his eyes.

Fortunately Avs manage the PK well and even have a shorthanded goal attempt but Kuemper didn't get surprised. 2:20 to go, Roy pulls Varlamov. A Wild manage to get hold of the puck and head towards our empty net but Benoit stops him (yes he did use his hand while doing so) and passes it to our Wunderkind 29. MacKinnon gets it in their zone, passes it toStastny, fires, rebound, PAP from the third, SCOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 1:14 to go Pappy puts on the prettiest smile I saw in a long time. He was just glittering with happiness. Cliche has an amazing defensive play when he blocks a shot. He played exceptionally the whole game. Overtime time.

OT: Here he comes to save the day!

Wild pressure a lot in the beginning. Holden blocking shots with his body and Varly magic prevented us from being done very fast in this OT. Avs start to look really exhausted. But then we get in their zone, Wild attempt to clear the puck, Wilson holds it, passes it Landeskog, who gentlemanly sends it to MackKnnon who scores. After 3:07 of overtime, Avs steal yet another game from Minnesota Wild and lead the serie 3-2.


- We put our balls on the table and we were pretty close to losing them.

- All our defenseman had a really good game except...

- Hejda. He was terribad today. As in REAL bad.

- Props to Hishon, when he was on the ice, he was seen

- Parenteau finally scored and you could see how good it was for him

- Mean Landeskog is scary

Three call girls of the game:

1) Nathan MacKinnon

I could sing the song for ages but you know all of it. He is a miracle and when I see what he does in his rookie year I can't even imagine what he will do in 5 seasons.

2) P. "Awesome" Parenteau

He struggled for a long time but he showed up when it was most necessary. Incarnation of happiness after he scored

3) Daniel James Heatley

So many players could be here and this might not make all people happy but he deserves the third spot. We saw the glimpse of the old Heatley. Healthy scratch some time ago, guy who had two assists today. I hope he finds his game again. In the summer camp.