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Beards of Glory: Two weeks!

Lets all break out those camera phones and show off that growth!! Also, a quick check up on some of the boys and where they stand.

Not bad for an 18 year old...
Not bad for an 18 year old...
Doug Pensinger

Well gang, its been a bit over two weeks since I challenged everyone to grow their playoff beards.  I forgot how long it takes to grow them, so I hadn't even bothered uploading mine.  It seems like it used to grow faster when I was younger... Meh, whatevs.  In any case, here is mine:



See??!!  Way more dashing, far less chipmunk cheeky!!

I would think that the Avs boys have been growing theirs since they clinched, as opposed to after the final game of the regular season, so some of theirs are getting impressive:



I don't think that Radar ever shaves completely, which is good, because his beard is pretty great.  Its not as thick as some of the other beards out there, but its nice and even, with very slight color variation that gives it a good texture.



Now, contrast to Talbot's beard.  That thing is thick, and luxuriant.  Put a flannel on that man and he may as well be felling trees alongside Paul Bunyan.  Or maybe selling Brawny paper towels.



On the shorter side of the spectrum is our Captain, whos beard isn't overly contrasty, but is still going pretty strong.  Stupid name banner... its hard to tell, but I think that his slightly thinner beard actually manages to show off his jawline, instead of trying to camouflage it (like my beard!).



And, lastly, we must talk about Mighty Matt.  While I applaud his attempts, his beard is not what I would call manly, but rather whispy.  But, what can I say, genetics doesn't treat everyone to beardliness.

Break out those camera phones, boys, and lets see how yours are coming in!!