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Tuesday Trends: Four to Go

Oh, Canada!, locking in spots, and home ice all in play this week

Doug Pensinger

This is current through Monday night's games. RIPs go out to the Winnipeg Jets, of course, and also to Vancouver Canucks, now relegated to mere floatsam in the sea of change.

Teams GP Points Pace
St. Louis 78 111 116.7
Colorado 78 107 112.5
Chicago 79 105 109

Anaheim 79 110 114.2
San Jose
79 107 111.1
Los Angeles 79 96 99.6

Minnesota 79 94 97.6
Dallas 78 87 91.5
Phoenix 78 86 90.4
Nashville 78 81 85.2

Everything is finally settling in as we reach the end of the season. Nashville are hanging on for dear life, but will be gone as soon as Dallas gains 2 more points on them. Keep PHX-DAL circled on your calendars on the last day of the season. That's the zeroeth round of the playoffs.

Meanwhile have a look at this range chart, and click it to blowupify.


4 points are all that separate the Avalanche from clinching home ice in the first round. If Colorado beats Edmoney tonight, and Chicago falls in regulation to the Habs tomorrow, that's it, home ice is secured. That's the earliest it could happen. Wow, eh?

If the playoffs started tomorrow

here's what your matchups would be.

Overall 1. St. Louis v Overall 8. Dallas
Other Division Winner. Anaheim v Overall 7. Minnesota
Pacific 2. San Jose v Pacific 3. Los Angeles
Central 2. Colorado v Central 3. Chicago

This is pretty much how it's going to play out, with the exception of Dallas, who could easily be Phoenix. Gonna be a tight one folks.