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Final Grades 2014: Cory Sarich, #16

Sarich was supposed to add veteran stability. He did what he could, but unfortunately, injuries and age caught up to him.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Cory Sarich was better for the Avalanche than the guys who got shipped out at the end of last season, but he wasn't what the team needed. He performed adequately for his role, yet injuries and Father Time kept him from giving much more than that. Most of the time, fans' reactions to him were, "Meh," but some facepalms and "oooohs" slipped in there a time or two. He's a UFA, so it's reasonable to expect we've seen the last of him in an Avs sweater, if only because the youngins will steal his spot.

Regular Season

54 1 9 10 7 38 0 0 0 48 2.1
Advanced Stats 5 v. 5
CF% CF% Rel GF% GF% Rel Sh% Sv% PDO
47.80% 0.50% 54.80% 0.20% 9.40% 92.60% 102.1


Staff Comments

SteveHouse: Honestly? I can't remember him much. He's at his best when you don't notice him but too often we saw him getting beat because of his footspeed. He gets an A for being Not Shane O'Brien and Out Of Here A Year Sooner Than Him though.

Sandie: Higher grade than expected because my expectations were so low.

mfured20: Corey was fine.  He added a veteran presence and a little bit of grit when we needed it, but battling injuries, and being unable to out-perform our burgeoning AHLers were his downfall.  

Mike: Benoit saw as much SHTOI as him.  Definitely a shadow of his former self.  Ohh, and back spasms.